Haskins Society

Established: 1982. Membership: 220. Annual dues: $30 student, unaffiliated; $40 regular; $60 sustaining.

Website: http://www.haskins.cornell.edu

Statement of Purpose: To study Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and early Angevin history, and the history of neighboring areas and peoples. The society has an international membership.

Annual Meeting: November

Publications: Anglo-Norman Anonymous, quarterly; Haskins Society Journal: Studies in Medieval History, annually (hardback)

Haskins Soc.
Whitman Coll.
Dept. of History
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Primary Contact: John Cotts, Vice Pres.


Bruce O'Brien
Univ. of Mary Washington
E-mail: bobrien@umw.edu

Vice President for North America
John D. Cotts
Whitman Coll.
E-mail: cottsjd@whitman.edu

Vice President for Britain and Europe
Graham Loud
Univ. of Leeds
E-mail: g.a.loud@leeds.ac.uk

Executive Secretary
W. Scott Jessee
Appalachian State Univ.
E-mail: jesseews@appstate.edu

Frederick C. Suppe
Ball State Univ.
E-mail: fsuppe@bsu.edu

Editor, Haskins Society Journal
William L. North
Carleton Coll.
E-mail: wnorth@carleton.edu

Editor, Anglo-Norman Anonymous
Steven Isaac
Longwood Univ.
E-mail: isaacsw@longwood.edu