Historians of American Communism

Established: 1982. Affiliate since December 1991. Membership: 165. Annual dues: $35 individual

Website: http://www.h-net.org/~hoac/

Statement of Purpose: To promote sharing of information among scholars interested in the history of American communism, American anti-communism, and related topics, and to promote historical research in these issues.

Annual Meeting: Part of the AHA or OAH annual meetings

Publication: H_HOAC

Historians of American Communism
PO Box 1216
Washington, CT 06793

Primary Contact: Daniel Leab, General Sec'y


Richard Gid Powers
Coll. of Staten Island, CUNY
E-mail: rgpsi@earthlink.net

General Secretary:
Daniel Leab
Historians of American Communism
E-mail: danleab@earthlink.net