History of Science Society

Established: 1924. Membership: 3,800. Annual dues: $30 student; $50 retired; $86 regular; $114 family; $348 institution.

Website: http://www.hssonline.org/

Statement of Purpose: To acquire and disseminate knowledge concerning the history of the various sciences from the earliest times to the present, including their changing institutions; their relations with technology, religion, education, and government; and their impact on society.

Annual Meeting: November

Publications: Isis, quarterly; Current Bibliography, annually; Newsletter, quarterly; Osiris, annually; Isis Reader, irregular

History of Science Soc.
Univ. of Notre Dame
440 Geddes Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574.631.1194

Primary Contact: Robert J. Malone, Exec. Dir.


Lynn K. Nyhart
Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
E-mail: lknyhart@wisc.edu

Vice President
Angela N. H. Creager
Princeton Univ.
E-mail: creager@princeton.edu

Marsha Richmond
Wayne State Univ.
E-mail: marsha.richmond@wayne.edu

Adam Apt
Peabody River Asset Management
E-mail: aapt@verizon.net

Executive Director
Robert J. Malone
History of Science Soc.
E-mail: jay@hssonline.org

Editor, Isis
Bernard V. Lightman
York Univ.
E-mail: lightman@yorku.ca