Oral History Association

Established: 1966. Membership: 1,500. Annual dues: $70 regular; $35 student; $156–187 institution; $1,000 life.

Website: http://www.oralhistory.org/

Statement of Purpose: To advance the practice and use of oral history. The OHA is an international society of organizations and individuals interested in advancing the practice and use of oral history.

Annual Meeting: October

Publications: Oral History Review, semiannually; Oral History Newsletter, triannual; pamphlet series; Membership Directory

Oral Hist. Assoc.
Georgia State Univ., Dept. of History
PO Box 4117
Atlanta, GA 30302-4117
Phone: 404.413.5751

Primary Contact: Clifford Kuhn, Exec. Dir.


Executive Director
Clifford M. Kuhn
Georgia State Univ.
E-mail: ckuhn@gsu.edu

Program Associate
Gayle Knight
Georgia State Univ.
E-mail: oha@gsu.edu

Stephen M. Sloan
Baylor Univ. Inst. for Oral History
E-mail: stephen_sloan@baylor.edu

Vice President/President-Elect
Paul A. Ortiz
Samuel Proctor Oral History Program
E-mail: portiz@ufl.edu

First Vice President
Anne Valk
John Nicholas Brown Center
E-mail: anne_valk@brown.edu

Newsletter Editor
Mary Kay Quinlan
Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln
E-mail: ohaeditor@aol.com

Oral History Review Editor
Kathryn L. Nasstrom
Univ. of San Francisco
E-mail: nasstromk@usfca.edu