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As the umbrella organization for the history profession, the American Historical Association offers a wealth of publications that are indispensable tools for the profession—directories, newsletters, essay series, guides, pamphlets, reports, and more. Sign up your department, program, or office for the AHA's Department and Organization Services Program (DOSP) and ensure that you and your colleagues have timely access to the AHA's valuable resources. DOSP subscribers receive more than a dozen publications every year. These publications provide useful information on current developments in research, teaching, and the profession at large.

(Note: for information on institutional subscriptions to the American Historical Review, please visit the Institutional Subscriptions page. Individuals should visit the Individual Membership page.)

DOSP Subscribers Receive

  1. The AHA's Directory of History Departments, Historical Organizations, and Historians. The Directory profiles more than 830 history departments and historical organizations, and more than 25,000 historians and history specialists. It is intended for students of history, professors, and public historians. Fees for listing in the Directory are indicated on the subscription form. DOSP subscribers also have access to the online version of the Directory.

  2. Perspectives on History. The AHA’s national news magazine for the historical profession provides articles and commentary on AHA activities as well as columns on such topics as teaching, research, technology, film and media, professional concerns, and public history. The magazine's employment section provides a comprehensive current listing of openings both within academia and outside. Published monthly, September through May.

  3. Professional Publications. Periodically, the AHA issues special reports and other publications that concern the profession. DOSP subscribers receive a copy of each such publication as it is released. Examples of these publications include:

    • Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct
    • Becoming a Historian: A Survival Manual
    • Careers for Students of History
    • And More !

  4. History Pamphlet Series. The AHA publishes multiple series in which each pamphlet — written and peer reviewed by recognized and acclaimed experts in the field — provides an overview of a specific historical topic in fewer than 100 pages. Current series include Women's History in Global Perspective; Essays on Global and Comparative History; and Historical Perspectives on Technology, Society, and Culture (jointly published with the Society for the History of Technology).

  5. AHA's Annual Meeting Program. The AHA's annual meeting, with approximately 5,000 participants, is held in early January. The program, which contains details on nearly 200 sessions and an index of participants for the upcoming meeting, is published each October.

  6. National Coalition for History Advocacy Update. In these high-stakes times, historians need information about developments in Washington, DC, that affect teaching and research. This quarterly legislative and federal policy report by Lee White, director of the National Coalition for History (NCH), supplements the "NCH Advocacy Update" in Perspectives on History. Each report includes NCH briefing sheets and other valuable material dealing with current policy issues.


DOSP Subscription Categories

Category Designation

Category Description



PhD-granting department,
21 or more full-time faculty



PhD-granting department,
20 or fewer full-time faculty



MA program



Undergraduate Program only (four-year)



Two-year college program



Libraries, historical offices/societies,
research institutions, individuals



Listing fee for DOSP subscriber in Directory of
History Departments, History Organizations, and Historians



Listing fee for non-DOSP subscriber in
Directory of History Departments, History Organizations, and Historians


Each category entitles the subscriber to one of each of the DOSP publications, except for the following categories, which have the following additions:

  • Category I, which receives five copies of Perspectives on History
  • Category II, which receives three copies of Perspectives on History
  • Category III, which receives two copies of Perspectives on History

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