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The annual meeting will be held January 7 - 10, 2016. Specific information on important dates and deadlines will be forthcoming. Follow our meeting hashtag #AHA2016 for announcements or check back here later for updates.   

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Speaker at 2013 annual meetingPresentations at the annual meeting come in many different forms. Here's some helpful advice and information for speakers.

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Information for Speakers

Poster Presenters

Hanging a PosterPoster sessions provide a unique way for historians to present their work in an engaging and visual format.

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Effective Poster Presentations

Information for Poster Presenters

Videos from AHA 2015

The AHA's Annual Meeting is a great place to hear about the latest in historical scholarship and practice. Our sessions focus on many different topics, from the histories of places and periods to the uses of history itself in a wide variety of venues. Nearly 300 sessions were held at the 2015 meeting in New York. Several of these sessions were recorded, and we have posted them online for your reference. These videos should be helpful for future session organizers or those who were unable to attend the meeting. We also recorded panels that might be suitable for use in a classroom.

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Photos from AHA 2015

Check out our Facebook album, tag yourself and your friends, and feel free to comment and reminisce about your experiences at the annual meeting. 

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