Job Center and Career Fair

2015 Career Fair

Sunday, January 4
1–5 PM
New York Hilton, Americas Hall II

Mentors are needed! Please fill out the 2015 Career Fair Mentor Form.

The AHA will hold its second annual Career Fair in 2015. The Career Fair introduces job candidates and students to mentors from various career paths. Mentors will provide informational interviews and guidance in the transition from history studies to a career.

Talk to a Career Fair mentor to learn:

  • What careers are available to historians?
  • What additional training might be needed?
  • How do you find a job?
  • Which skills of historians are in demand?
  • How can history departments support broad career paths? 

All annual meeting attendees are welcome!

Questions? E-mail Liz Townsend or call 202.544.2422 x122.

129th Annual Meeting Job Center

January 2–5, 2015

New York Hilton, Americas Hall II

Room Availability

Updated 12/5/14. Rooms are sold out on Saturday, January 3. All other times are available.

Job Center Handout

Updated 12/24/14. Download the Job Center Handout. The Handout includes all searches taking place in New York City that have been reported to the AHA. Only search committees with positions marked "Collecting CVs" will arrange interviews at the meeting; all others are building their schedules now based on applications already received. The Handout will be updated frequently until the meeting begins. At the meeting, a handout listing open positions will be available, along with additions posted on the bulletin boards in the Hilton's Americas Hall II.


Search committee reservation forms for the 2015 Job Center are available now:

2015 Room Reservation

2015 Table Reservation

2015 Privately Arranged Suite Information

You may send in one or all of the forms, depending on your institution’s needs. Simply download the forms, save them to your computer, fill them out, and then send them back as attachments to Liz Townsend. Please print or type clearly, and be sure all information has been checked carefully before sending in the forms. If you have trouble opening the text files and would like them in an alternate format, please contact Liz Townsend.

There are two ways to reserve suites in the AHA’s hotel bloc: through the AHA Job Center and directly through the hotels. Job Center rooms are reserved first-come, first-served in half-day ($100) and full-day ($175) increments from 8 AM to 5 PM. Prepayment by credit card is required.

Alternatively, registered attendees can reserve suites directly with the hotels in which they would sleep in the bedroom and then use the parlor for interviews. This allows for greater flexibility and time to conduct interviews. More information on these reservations will be available to attendees when they register. Details can also be found on the AHA website’s Hotels & Travel page.

Job Center tables, located in the New York Hilton, Americas Hall II, are free.

To help decrease confusion for candidates, we ask that all search committees inform the Job Center of their interview locations.

Note that the reservation forms are only intended for search committees. Job candidates do not have to sign up for the Job Center in advance. Most of the jobs will be advertised in autumn issues of Perspectives on History, with late listings included in the Job Center Handout.

If you have any questions please contact Liz Townsend.

2015 Job Center Information

The American Historical Association’s annual Job Center provides institutions and candidates with facilities and administrative support for position interviewing during the AHA annual meeting. In accordance with AHA policy, which supports open listing of employment opportunities, the annual meeting Job Center facility will be open to all annual meeting participants. You must present a 2015 AHA annual meeting badge to participate in the Job Center and Career Fair or visit the Exhibit Hall. More information about the meeting, including registration, housing, and the Program, can be found on the AHA’s website.


Free Job Center interviewing tables, the Information Booth, the CV Collection Booth, the Internet Center, and the Electronic Search Committee Locator System will be in the New York Hilton, Americas Hall II. Job Center interview rooms, available for a fee, will be located in the New York Hilton. (Keys for rooms arranged through the Job Center may be picked up at the Information Booth. Do not ask hotel staff for room keys.)

Interviews will also take place in privately arranged suites in various hotels. These locations should be reported to AHA Job Center staff so we can provide job candidates with information should they need it. The AHA will also, if requested, collect CVs and include position listings in the Job Center Handout for search committees in private suites.

Job Center Hours

Rooms will be available Friday, January 2, 1:00–5:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday, January 3 and 4, 8:00 AM–5:00 PM; and Monday, January 5, 8:00 AM–12:00 PM. Interview tables and CV collection will be open Friday, January 2, 12:30–6:00 PM (prearranged interviews only); Saturday and Sunday, January 3 and 4, 9:00 AM–6:00 PM; and Monday, January 5, 9:00 AM–12:00 PM. (Please note: The Career Fair will take place in the same hall on Sunday from 1–5 PM. You are welcome to hold informational interviews at a Career Fair table.)

Noninterviewing Vacancy Announcements and Late Notices

Institutions can send in a noninterviewing job announcement to Liz Townsend and we will include it in the Job Center Handout. We will also have bulletin boards available for posting late-breaking notices; see staff at the Job Center Information Booth for posting.


The AHA is committed to providing equal access to all participants. If you need reasonable accommodations, please contact Liz Townsend with your requests by December 15, 2014. AHA staff at the Job Center Information Booth in the New York Hilton, Americas Hall II, will assist candidates with visual impairments with the Electronic Search Committee Locator System and information posted on the bulletin boards.

Arranging Interviews


Prearranged Interviews. After advertising their positions in Perspectives on History, most institutions will contact selected candidates to prearrange interviews at the Job Center.

Institutions must prearrange specific times with interviewees. Please do not simply tell interviewees to contact you at the meeting to set up a time. It is less stressful for all concerned if interview times are set up and confirmed before the annual meeting.

Open Interviews. Institutions wishing to arrange some or all of their interviews at the meeting can request CV collection. Job Center staff WILL NOT sign up candidates for interviews. Staff will collect CVs and place them in the appropriate folders. It will be the responsibility of the interviewers to contact the candidates and schedule interviews.

Although many institutions may find they are overwhelmed with responses to their job listing(s), the AHA strongly urges schools to acknowledge the receipt of all CVs. Such an action demonstrates professional courtesy and recognizes the efforts of fellow historians in a tight job market. Message forms for applicants whom institutions do not wish to interview should be returned to AHA staff, who will notify candidates by e-mail.


Prearranged Interviews. Candidates with prearranged interviews in a room may proceed directly to the specified room at the assigned time. If the prearranged interview is at a table, candidates will need to check in 15 minutes prior to their interview at the Candidate Check-In Booth in the New York Hilton, Americas Hall II, and wait to be called. If the location is unknown, the Job Center Information Booth may have more information.

Open Interviews. Read the Job Center Handout, which will be posted on this web page in early December, for position openings. There will also be bulletin boards where late-breaking announcements will be posted. Candidates should review the positions for which they are qualified and determine when they are available for an interview.

Positions in the handout are organized by geographic area, then by state, then by institution, then by field or specialization. (Some departments announcing positions will not interview at the Job Center, but will provide an address for further inquiries from interested candidates.)

Candidates will then submit CVs for positions of interest at the CV Collection Booth. Candidates should submit one CV with an attached message sheet (provided by the Job Center) for each position they would like to apply for.

Come prepared with a sufficient supply of CVs, paper, and pens. Please do not rely on copying facilities at the hotels. The prices are often high and the lines can be quite long. Candidates should include their local telephone number (hotel room or other local lodging) or cell phone number on their message forms, as some schools will contact candidates by phone to set up interviews.

Institutions that have reviewed CVs and wish to set up interviews will contact candidates directly through local phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Institutions not wishing to interview a candidate at the meeting will submit the response form to AHA staff, who will then send a standard decline message to the candidate’s e-mail address.

Candidates and interviewers alike should review the AHA’s Guidelines for the Hiring Process before the annual meeting. It sets out the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved in the job search to ensure fairness and prevent abuses.

Job Center "How-to Guide for First Time Users" Video

This explanatory video is for all history job-seekers about to use the AHA’s Job Center—which provides search committees and candidates with interviewing facilities at the AHA’s annual meeting—for the first time.