George Louis Beer Prize

The American Historical Association offers the George Louis Beer Prize in recognition of outstanding historical writing in European international history since 1895. This prize was established in accordance with the terms of a bequest by George Louis Beer (1872–1920), historian of the British colonial system before 1765, to be awarded annually for the best work on any phase of European international history since the year 1895 that is submitted by a scholar who is a United States citizen or permanent resident. The phrase “European international history since the year 1895” may be understood to mean any study of international history since the year 1895 with a significant European dimension. The general rules for submission are:

  1. Only books of a high scholarly historical nature should be submitted. Research accuracy, originality, and literary merit are important factors.
  2. Only books bearing a copyright of 2014 are eligible for the 2015 prize.
  3. Nominators must complete an online prize submission form for each book submitted.
  4. One copy of each entry must be sent to each committee member and clearly labeled “Beer Prize Entry.” Electronic copies may be sent only to committee members who have indicated they will accept them.

Please Note: Entries must be postmarked or transmitted by May 15, 2015, to be eligible for the 2015 competition. Entries will not be returned. Recipients will be announced at the January 2016 AHA annual meeting in Atlanta.

For questions, please contact the Prize Administrator.

Contact Information for Committee Members

Send one copy to each committee member and complete the prize submission form (above).

Holly A. Case Frank P. Biess J. P. Daughton
Cornell Univ.  Univ. of California, San Diego Stanford Univ.
Dept. of History Dept. of History Dept. of History
450 McGraw Hall 9500 Gilman Dr. MC 0104 Bldg. 200, Rm. 102
Ithaca, NY 14853 La Jolla, CA 92093-0104 450 Serra Mall
Will accept e-book submissions Stanford, CA 94305-2024

at Will accept iBook submissions
Padraic Kenney  
Indiana Univ.
Dept. of History
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Ballantine Hall 742
Bloomington, IN 47405-7103