Joan Kelly Memorial Prize

Established in 1984 and named in memory of Joan Kelly (1928–82), this prize is awarded annually for the book in women’s history and/or feminist theory that best reflects the high intellectual and scholarly ideals exemplified by the life and work of Joan Kelly. The prize was established by the Coordinating Committee on Women in the Historical Profession and the Conference Group on Women’s History (now the Coordinating Council for Women in History), and is administered by the American Historical Association. The general rules for submission are:

  1. To be eligible for consideration, submissions shall be books in any chronological period, any geographical location, or in an area of feminist theory that incorporates a historical perspective. Books should demonstrate originality of research, creativity of insight, graceful stylistic presentation, analytical skills, and a recognition of the important role of sex and gender in the historical process. The inter-relationship between women and the historical process should be addressed.
  2. Books with an imprint of 2013 are eligible for the 2014 award.
  3. Nominators must complete the Data Collection Form for each book submitted.
  4. One copy of each entry must be sent to each of the following committee members and clearly labeled “Kelly Prize Entry.” Electronic copies may be sent to committee members who have indicated they will accept them.

Please Note: Entries must be postmarked or transmitted by May 15, 2014, to be eligible for the 2014 competition. Entries will not be returned. Recipients will be announced at the January 2–5, 2015, AHA annual meeting in New York City.

For questions, please contact the Prize Administrator, or call 202-544-2422.

Contact Information for Committee Members

Send one copy to each committee member and complete the Data Collection Form.

Kathleen Brown Antoinette M. Burton Sarah C. Chambers
91 Merbrook Ln. Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Merion Station, PA 19066-1617 Dept. of History Dept. of History
309 Gregory Hall 1110 Heller Hall, Del Code 7062
810 S. Wright St. 271 19th Ave. S.
Urbana, IL 61801 Minneapolis, MN 55455
Will accept Kindle submissions  
Serena Mayeri Judith Surkis
Univ. of Pennsylvania Rutgers Univ.
Sch. of Law Dept. of History
3501 Sansom St. 16 Seminary Pl.
Philadelphia, PA 19104 Van Dyck Hall
Will accept Kindle submissions New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1108