Albert J. Beveridge Grant Recipients

Albert J. Beveridge Grants support research in the history of the Western hemisphere (United States, Canada, and Latin America). The funds for this program come from the earnings of the Albert J. Beveridge Memorial Fund.


Ms. Betsy Amanda Beasley, Serving the World: Energy Contracting, Logistical Labors, and the Culture of Globalization, 1945-2008

Mr. Richard J. Boles, Dividing the Faith: The Rise of Racially Segregated Northern Churches, 1730-1850

Mr. Frederico Santos Soares Freitas, Twin Parks: An Environmental History of the Border between Argentina and Brazil

Ms. Kate Beniamina Geoghegan, The Specter of Anarchy, the Hope for Transformation: The Role of the United States in Influencing the Trajectory of the Soviet Collapse and Internal Reform, 1988-93

Dr. James J. Gigantino, Freedom and Slavery in the Garden of America: African Americans and Abolition in New Jersey, 1775-1861

Mr. Chris Levesque, Not Just Following Orders: Why Soldiers Refused to Commit Atrocities

Mr. Eric Rutkow, The Infrastructure of Empire: Pan-Americanism, Transnational Transport, and the Remaking of Central America

Ms. Brianna Theobald, 'The Simplest Rules of Motherhood': Settler Colonialism and the Regulation of American Indian Reproduction, 1910-1976


Ms. Nancy Elizabeth Egan, Liberalism, Contraband, and Commerce: The Historical Production of Liberal Citizens and the Bolivian State, 1900-20

Mr. Eric Gettig, Oil and Revolution: The United States and the Cuban Struggle for Energy Independence since 1952

Ms. Lauren Pearlman, From Federal City to Chocolate City: National Politics and Local Struggles in Washington, DC, 1948-78

Mr. John Rosenberg, 'To Be Free, Secure, and Influential': the Committee on the Present Danger and the Global Cold War, 1975-85

Dr. Zeb Tortorici, Contra Natura: Desire, Colonialism, and the Unnatural

Ms. Lauren F. Turek, To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelicals, Human Rights, and US Foreign Policy, 1969-94

Dr. Katherine Unterman, Nowhere to Hide: International Fugitives and American Power, 1880-1915


Ms. Christine Croxall, Holy Waters: Lived Religion, Identity and Loyalty along the Mississippi River, 1780-1830

Ms. Hannah A. Farber, The Insurance Industry in the Early Republic

Mr. Alexander Hidalgo, The Imaginary Frontier: Cartography and Ideology in 17th-Century New Spain

Ms. Sarah Thompson Hines, Flows of Power: Urbanization and Grassroots Water Struggles in La Paz and Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1880-Present

Mr. Jason Brice Kauffman, Labor and Ecology in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil and Bolivia, 1870-1952

Dr. Sarah Keyes, Beyond the Plains: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900

Dr. Branden Little, Band of Crusaders: American Humanitarians and the Remaking of the World

Dr. Phillip W. Magness, Lincoln's Last Colony: Freedmen Resettlement in British Honduras

Ms. Tamara B. Mann, Honor They Father and Mother: Old Age in a New America, 1945-65

Ms. Christina Frances Mobley, 'I am the subject of the King of Kongo': Negotiating Between Africa and Europe in the Haitian Revolution

Mr. Salvador Salinas, The Zapatistas and Their World: Morelos After the Mexican Revolution, 1920-42


Ms. Kathleen K. Belew, Generations of Violence: Paramilitarism, Mercenaries, and the Racist Right from the Vietnam War to Oklahoma City

Dr. Christopher R. W. Dietrich, Polarization in Global Society: The North-South Split, Oil, and Mexican Sovereign Debt, 1977-82

Ms. Sarah Grossman, Capital Mediators: American Mining Engineers in the U.S. Southwest and Mexico, 1850-1920

Ms. Sara Hudson, Crossing Stories: Circulating Citizenships in an Age of Empire

Mr. Julian T. Nemeth, Storming the Ivory Tower: The Politics of Academic Freedom, 1932-72

Mr. Edward P. Pompeian, Spirited Enterprises: Exchange between Venezuela and the U.S. in an Age of Revolutions, 1793-1823

Dr. Felicity M. Turner, Narrating Infanticide: Constructing the Modern Gendered State in 19th-Century America

Ms. Shannen Dee Williams, Subversive Habits: Black Nuns and the Struggle to Desegregate Catholic America after World War I

Dr. Kristin A. Wintersteen, Fishing for Food and Fodder: The Transnational Environmental History of Fishmeal in Peru and Chile, 1945-2009


Dr. Randy M. Browne, Obeah and Spiritual Practice in the African Diaspora

Dr. Reena N. Goldthree, Shifting Loyalties: War and the Gendered Politics of Patriotism in the British Caribbean, 1900-38

Dr. Lauren B. Hirshberg, Producing the Pacific as a Space of Destruction: US Weapons Development in Micronesia and Hawaii, 1946-94

Dr. Kittiya Lee, From Indian Talk to Colonial Language: The Brasílica and the Vulgar in Portuguese America, 1500-1759

Dr. Elaine Marie Nelson, Posing for Profits: Tourism and Indigenous Communities in the 20th-Century Black Hills

Dr. Aimee E. Newell, A Stitch in Time: The Needlework of Aging Women in Antebellum America

Dr. Jason C. Sokol, The Northern Mystique: Politics and Race from Boston to Brooklyn, 1939-Present


Mr. Loren A. Broc, Religion and Insanity in the United States, 1820-80

Dr. Christy Ford Chapin, Ensuring America's Health: Publicly Constructing the Private Health Insurance Industry, 1950-80

Mr. Matthew J. Furlong, Peasants, Slaves, and Sojourners: Itinerant Asians in Colonial Mexico, 1571-1700

Dr. Shane Landrum, Documenting American Workers: Birth Certificates in California, 1890-2001

Dr. Wesley G. Phelps, Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty in Houston: Race and Poverty in a Sunbelt City, 1964-74

Dr. Thomas Rath, 'Warriors of the Pueblo Yesterday, Soldiers of the Patria Today': Army, Nation, and State in Mexico, 1920-60


Dr. Thomas Jessen Adams, The Servicing of America: Service Workers in Metropolitan Los Angeles, 1945-90

Mr. Sterling R. Fluharty, Warriors for Sovereignty: A History of the National Indian Youth Council, 1961-75

Dr. R. Matthew Gildner, Post-Revolutionary Nation Building and Ethnic Politics in Andean Bolivia, 1941-73

Dr. Gretchen A. Heefner, The Missile Next Door: A Social and Cultural History of the Minuteman

Dr. Alexandra Koelle, Making Tracks: Chinese Railroad Workers Connect the Nation

Dr. Melissa Madera, Dictating Motherhood: Public Health and Modernization in Trujillo's Dominican Republic, 1930-61

Dr. Kara Dixon Vuic, The Death of a Donut Dolly: American Gender and Culture in the Vietnam War


Dr. Heath Joseph Bowen, 'Duty Called Me Here': Government Clerkships, Citizenship, and Washington’s Fraternity of Men, 1828-65

Dr. Christopher D. Cantwell, Bodies of Worship: Religion, Gender, and Congregation amongst Chicago's Working People, 1870-1910

Dr. Sarah E. Cornell, Americans of Two Souths: A Social and Cultural History of African, African American, White, and Indigenous U.S. Southerners and Mexico, 1810-1920

Dr. Jay W. Driskell, Race Above Party: African-American Voters, the NAACP, and Race Formation, 1895-1965

Dr. Andrew B. Fisher, 'Of Death, Hunger, and the End of Pueblos': Indigenous Survival, the Rural Poor, and the State in the Tierra Caliente of Guerrero, Mexico, 1521-1821

Dr. Julie Holcomb, Cement of the Whole Antislavery Building: Women, Consumption, and Abolitionism in the Transatlantic World

Dr. Ely M. Janis, The Land League in the United States and Ireland: Nationalism, Gender, and Ethnicity in the Gilded Age

Dr. Justin L. Roberts, Sunup to Sundown: A Comparative Study of Slave Plantation Labor in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries

Dr. Matthew Daniel Rothwell, Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Chinese Cultural Revolution in Latin America


Dr. Kristen Block, Faith and Fortune: The Politics of Religious Identity in the 17th-Century Caribbean

Dr. Andrea Estepa, Taking the White Gloves Off: Women Strike for Peace and the Transformation of Women's Activist Identities in America, 1961-2000

Dr. Elizabeth A. Heath, Cultivating the Nation, Refining Empire

Dr. Jaymie Patricia Heilman, By Other Means: Politics in Rural Ayacucho before Peru's Shining Path War, 1879-1980

Dr. K. Maria D. Lane, Appropriating Space: Geographical Representations of the Planet Mars, 1877-1910

Dr. Gabriel J. Loiacono, The People and the Poor: Ideas and Experiences of Poverty in Rhode Island, 1780-1935

Dr. Gladys I. McCormick, Challenging the Golden Age: Economic Development, the Sugar Industry, and Popular Mobilizations in Regional Mexico, 1934-1965

Dr. Natalia Milanesio, Peronism, Mass Consumption, and Working-Class Culture, Argentina 1946-1955

Dr. Evan Roberts, Immigrant Women’s Work and Family Support in the United States

Dr. Philip F. Rubio, 'There's Always Work at the Post Office': African Americans Fight for Jobs, Justice, and Equality at the United States Post Office

Dr. Linda M. Rupert, International Trade and Local Identity in the Colonial Atlantic: Curacao, 1675-1791

Dr. Laura Isabel Serna, Consuming American Mass Culture in Northern Mexico and Southern Texas, 1917-1932

Dr. Peter Adam Shulman, Empire of Energy: Coal, Power, and the Ecology of American Expansion, 1880-1930

Dr. Tiffany Anise Sippial, Desiring Nation: Prostitution and the Struggle for a Cuban Identity, 1850-1920

Dr. Edward S. Slavishak, Bodies of Work: Civic Display and Labor in Industrial Pittsburgh

Dr. Gregory D. Smithers, The Strains of Breeding! Race, Sex & Identity in the United States and Australia, 1780s-1930s

Dr. José O Solá, Sugar Farmers and American Protectionism in Caguas Puerto Rico, 1898-1928


Dr. Richard Bond, Ebb and Flow: Free Blacks and Urban Slavery in 18th-Century New York

Dr. Vera Silvina Candiani, The Cabildo of the City of Mexico and the Desague de Huehuetoca

Dr. Jacqueline A. Castledine, 'The Fashion is Politics': Women’s Activism in the 1948 Progressive Party

Dr. Kornel Chang, Living In-Between: Race, Migration, Identity, and State Formation in the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands

Dr. Eric D. Duke, Seeing Race, Seeing Nation: Conceptualizing a United West Indies in the British Caribbean and Diaspora, 1914-1962

Dr Lisa G. Hazirjian, Negotiating Poverty: Economic Hegemony & Working-Class Politics in a New South City

Dr. Joseph J. Jones, The Making of a National Forest: The Contest over the Michigan Cutover, 1890-1940

Dr. Jennifer Koslow, Eden’s Underbelly: Women, Public Health Reform, and State-Making in Los Angeles, 1889-1932

Dr. Patrick Q. Mason, Violence against Religious Outsiders in the American South, 1870-1910

Dr. James P. McCartin, Historicizing the Sexual Abuse Crisis: Roman Catholic Sexual Ethics in the United States, 1930-1980

Dr. Amanda B. Moniz, Labours in the Cause of Humanity in Every Part of the Globe: Transatlantic Philanthropic Collaboration and the Cosmopolitan Ideal, 1760-1815

Dr. Catherine A. Nolan-Ferrell, Creating National Identity on the Border: Guatemalan Workers and the Mexican Revolutionary State

Dr. Jarod H. Roll, Road to the Promised Land: From Vigilante Protest to Social Movement in the Southeast Missouri Delta, 1890-1941

Dr. David Grant Smith, On the Edge of Freedom: African Americans, Abolitionists, and the Fugitive Slave Issue in South-Central Pennsylvania

Dr. Eric R. Smith, The Spanish Aid Movement in the United States

Dr. Stacey L. Smith, Unfree California: Coercion, Race, Gender and the Law in the Far West, 1848-1882

Dr. Alejandro Velasco, rom Democratic Revolution to Massacre in Venezuela: Urban Popular Consciousness and the Emergence of the Multitude in Caracas, 1958-1989


Dr. Kimberly A. Brodkin, For the Good of the Party: Women in Democratic Politics from the New Deal to the New Right

Dr. Maria Andrea Campetella, Contested Territory: Indians and Creoles in the Southern Cone Borderlands, 1740-1885

Dr. David Carey, Engendering Mayan History: Mayan Women as Agents and Conduits of the Past, 1870-1990

Dr. Elizabeth Anne Castle, Women were the Backbone, Men were the Jawbone: American Indian Women's Activism in the Red Power Movement

Dr. Carole T. Emberton, Citizens in Leviathan: Violence and the Political Culture of Reconstruction

Mr. Stephen M. Hageman, This is a Terrible Thing: Race, Class, and Gender in Marquette Park, 1970-1990

Dr. Francoise N. Hamlin, The Book Hasn't Closed, The Story Isn't Finished: Continuing Histories of the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Hal Langfur, The Rules of Terror: Brazilian Indians, Interethnic Warfare, and Violence as Cultural Exchange, 1500-1750

Mr. Brad R. Martin, Landscapes of Power: Native Peoples, National Parks, and the Making of a Modern Wilderness in the Hinterlands of North America, 1940-1990

Dr. Charles Dean McGraw, 'Every Nurse is not a Sister': Sex, Work and the Invention of the Spanish-American War Nurse

Dr. Caroline W. Merithew, A World to Gain: Immigrants, Blacks, and the Creation of Hybrid Community in the Midwestern U.S.

Dr. Cynthia E. Milton, Pleading Paupers and Selective Hearing: Social Welfare, Poverty, and the State in Spanish-American Cities, 1770-1850

Dr. Rachel Sarah O'Toole, Africans, Indians, and the Creation of Casta in Peru, 1640s - 1720s

Dr. Melinda A. Plastas, 'A Band of Noble Women': Racial Consciousness and Gendered Politics Post-World War I

Dr. Daniel Ramirez, Migrating Faiths: A Social and Cultural History of Popular Religion in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Dr. Kristen Stromberg Childers, Choosing the Metropole: Martinique, France and the Question of Decolonization, 1946-1982

Dr. Sherrie Tucker, Democracy on the Dance Floor: Race, Gender, and Nation at the Hollywood Canteen

Dr. Colleen A. Vasconcellos, And a Child Shall Lead Them? Slavery, Childhood, and African Cultural Identity in Jamaica, 1750-1838


Dr. William J Bauer, Native American Labor on the Round Valley Indian Reservation, 1880-1945

Dr. Denise Ileana Bossy, 'There is also another sort of People we buy for Slaves': Indian Slavery in Colonial South Carolina, 1660-1732

Dr. J. Michael Francis, The Spiritual Conquest of Colonial Colombia, 1555-1636

Dr. Andrea G. M. Franzius, Jazz and the Cold War: U.S. Foreign Policy, Civil Rights, and American Culture, 1950-1970

Dr. Travis F. Glasson, The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the Creation of Race in the British Atlantic

Dr. Karen B. Graubart, 'With Our Labor and Sweat': Indigenous Women and the Construction of Colonial Society in Peru

Dr. Michael McCoyer, Mestizaje Meets the Color Line: Mexicans and Racial Formation in the Chicago-Calumet Region, 1917-1960

Dr. Craig T. Marin, Coercion, Cooperation, and Conflict along Charleston’s Waterfront, 1741-1822

Dr. Thomas D. Rogers, Environment, Race, and Politics in Pernambuco’s Zona de Mata

Dr. Ana Varela-Lago, From Emigrants to Exiles: The Spanish Civil War and the Spanish Immigrant Communities in the United States

Dr. FlorenceMae Waldron, Gender and the Quebecois Migration to New England, 1870-1930: A Comparative Case Study

Dr. Victoria W. Wolcott, Integrated Amusements and Racial Strife: Buffalo's 1956 Canadiana Riot

Dr. Chiou-ling Yeh, Taking It to the Streets: Representations of Ethnicity and Gender in San Francisco's Chinese New Year Festivals, 1953–2001


Dr. Peter M. Beattie, Penal Institutions and Penology in Slavery and Emancipation: Pernambuco, Brazil, 1850-1945

Dr. Denver Brunsman, From Riots to Rights: Opposition to British Naval Impressment, 1689-1815

Dr. James W. Cook, Cracks in the White Republic

Dr. John A. Dizgun, Land without Memories: Jewish Tragedy and the Boundaries of Pluralism and Citizenship in Argentina

Dr. Lessie Jo Frazier, Desired States: Culture, Politics, and Gendered Activism in 20th-Century Chile

Dr. Seth W. Garfield, The 'Battle for Rubber' in Brazil during World War II

Dr. Stephen G. Hall, To Give a Faithful Account of the Race: History and Historical Writing in the African American Community, 1817-1915

Dr. Sarah R. Lawrence, On Their Own Terms: Birth Control and African Americans in 1930s Rural Virginia

Dr. Matthew Daniel Mason, Images of Life: The Turn-of-the-Century Photography of Charles J Van Schaick Studio in Western Wisconsin: A History of the Images and Images as History

Dr. Mieko Nishida, The (Re)Making of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity: 'Black' and 'Japanese' Women in Sao Paulo, 1888-2000

Dr. Jason C. Parker, Wilson's Curse: The U.S., Race, and Empire in the Caribbean, 1937-62

Dr. Marie Jenkins Schwartz, Medical Men, Midwives, and Spiritual Healing: Managing the Health of Enslaved Women and Children in 19th-Century America

Dr. Sarah Thuesen, Lessons in Division: The Culture and Politics of Black Education in North Carolina, 1920-1960


Dr. Gretchen A. Adams, The Specter of Salem in American Culture

Dr. Amy Chazkel, The Laws of Chance: Persecution and Persistence of the Jogo do Bicho in Rio de Janeiro, 1889-1941

Dr. Heather E. Fryer, Enclosed Worlds in Open Space: Federal Communities and Social Experience in the American West

Dr. Sarah Hand Meacham, 'The Will Be Adjudged to Drink': Gender, Alcohol, and the Consumer Revolution

Dr. Tracy Neal Leavelle, Religion, Encounter and Community in French and Indian North America

Dr. Paul Lokken, From Black to Latino: African-Descended Populations, Mestizaje, and Racial Hierarchy in Rural Colonial Guatemala, 1600-1730

Dr. Maura Phillips Mackowski, Human Factors

Dr. Rohit D. Wadhwani, Creating the Citizen Saver: Household Economy, Savings Institutions, and State Regulation in the Northeastern United States, 1830-1930s


Dr. Constance J. S. Chen, From Passion to Discipline: Oriental Art, Professionalization, and the Culture of Modernity in the U.S., 1893-1944

Dr. Jon T. Coleman, Silencing the Wilderness: Wolf Killing in American History, 1620-1940

Dr. Finis Dunaway, Natural Visions: The Camera and the Making of American Conservation

Dr. Lisa Tendrich Frank, 'To Cure Her of Her Pride and Boasting': Gendered Implications of Sherman's March

Dr. Hayley Froysland, Charity and Moral Reform: The Social Aspects of Nation Formation in Colombia, 1886-1948

Dr. Lisa G. Materson, Respectable Partisans: African American Women in Electoral Politics, 1870 to 1944

Dr. Tod M. Ottman, Creating a State University: Higher Education Policy, War and the Politics of Discrimination in New York State Government

Dr. Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, Mediating Modernity: Urban Development and Rural Resilience in the Valle de Oaxaca, 1876-1911

Dr. Natalie J. Ring, 'The Benighted South': The Evolution of a Regional Image and Its Relationship to National Identity, 1890-1930

Dr. Kariann A. Yokota, A Culture of Insecurity: The Early Republic as a Post-Colonial Nation, 1789-1830

Dr. Karen A. Balcom, 'The Traffic in Babies': Cross-Border Adoption, Baby-Selling and the Development of Child Welfare Systems in Canada and the United States, 1930-1960


Dr. Adriana Mariel Brodsky, When Jews Were Not Yet Jews: Women and the Crafting of a Sephardic/Jewish Identity in Argentina, 1880-1960

Dr. Raymond B. Craib, 'All the documents in their power': State Cartography and Vernacular Landscapes in the Formation of Post-colonial Mexico

Dr. Max Paul Friedman, Nazis and Good Neighbors: Colombia Research Trip

Dr. Malick Walid Ghachem, Incorporating the American Paradox: Slavery and the Separation of Powers in Early Virginia

Dr. Laura E.S. Gotkowitz, Race, Gender, and Citizenship in Bolivia, 1880-1953

Dr. D. Bradford Hunt, Chicago Housing Authority, Central Office File Investigation

Dr. Charlene Boyer Lewis, Ladies and Gentlemen on Display: Planter Society at the Virginia Springs, 1790-1860

Dr. Marina Moskowitz, Standard Bearers: Material Culture, Marketing and Middle-Class Communities at the Turn of the 20th Century

Dr. Amy Murrell Taylor, Divided Families in Civil War America

Dr. Jonathan Daniel Wells, The Origins of the Southern Middle Class: Intellectual Culture, Economy, and Politics in the South, 1820-1880


Dr. Frank Argote-Freyre

Dr. Edward E. Baptist

Dr. Marc Becker

Dr. Kathleen A. Clark

Dr. S. Max Edelson

Dr. A. Finn Enke

Dr. Colin Fisher

Dr. Bridget Ford

Dr. Julia Foulkes

Dr. Tami J. Friedman

Dr. Moon-Ho Jung

Dr. Jennifer Keene

Ms. DeeAnna Manning

Dr. Lisa R. Mar

Dr. Sarah-Jane Mathieu

Dr. Matthew B. Mulcahy

Dr. Susan R. Parker

Dr. Amy G. Richter

Dr. Lori Rotskoff

Dr. Anthony B. Smith

Dr. Jennifer M. Spear

Dr. Evelyn Sterne

Dr. Caroline W. Merithew

Dr. John Williams-Searle


Dr. Mary Jane Aldrich-Moodie

Dr. Kathleen Banks Nutter

Dr. Peter M. Beattie

Dr. Brett W. Beemyn

Dr. Anne Gilbert Coleman

Dr. J. Wendel Cox

Dr. Paul Edison

Dr. Karen Ferguson

Dr. John Michael Giggie

Dr. Barbara P. Josiah

Dr. Jennifer A. Nelson

Dr. Kim E. Nielsen

Dr. Craig S. Pascoe

Dr. Laurie Caroline Pintar

Dr. Pablo Policzer

Dr. Diane Shaw

Dr. Thomas Summerhill

Dr. Richard A. Warren

Dr. Clifford Wilcox


Dr. Erik K. Ching, The Social Origins of Power in El Salvador, 1920-35

Dr. Jefferson R. Cowie, Rooted Workers and the Runaway Shop: A Comparative History of Labor and Transnational Television Manufacturing in the U.S. and Mexico, 1945-93

Dr. Jessica A. Dorman, Looking Backward? Sentimentality, Muckraking, and American Political Literature of the Progressive Era

Dr. Sarah E. Gardner, 'Blood and Irony': Southern Women's Narratives of the Civil War, 1865-1915

Dr. Grace Elizabeth Hale, Making Whiteness: The Culture of Segregation in the South, 1890-1940

Dr. Georgina S. Hickey, Visibility, Politics, and Urban Development: Working Women in Early 20th-Century Atlanta

Dr. Beatrix R. Hoffman, Health Insurance and the Making of an American Welfare State, 1911-20

Dr. Lu Ann Jones, In Search of Jennie Booth Morton

Dr. William G. Jordan, Black Newspapers and the New Negro Consciousness, 1915-25

Dr. Cynthia M. Kennedy, Women in the Gilded City: Sex, Race, and Class in Charleston, South Carolina, 1783-1860

Dr. Peter Laipson, 'I Have No Genius for Marriage': Bachelorhood in America, 1870-1930

Dr. Eric T. L. Love, Race Over Empire: A Critical Reinterpretation of Race Ideology and U.S. Expansion, 1865-1900

Dr. Margaret T. McFadden, 'Anything Goes': Gender and Knowledge in the Comic Popular Culture of the 1930s

Dr. Laura J. Moore, Weaving Women: Art, Gender, Ethnicity, and the Navajo Rug Trade, 1890-1945

Dr. Diane Mutti Burke, On Slavery's Border: Slavery and Slaveholding on Missouri's Farms, 1821-65

Dr. Nelson Ouellet, Migration et relations interraciales: les noirs americains de Gary, Indiana, 1906-20

Dr. Donald R. Shaffer, Marching On: African American Veterans in Postbellum America, 1865-1915