Bernadotte Schmitt Grant Recipients

Bernadotte Schmitt Grants support research in the history of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Individual grants will not exceed $1,000.


Dr. Jeffrey S. Ahlman, Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana

Dr. Laura D. Beers, Red Ellen: Socialist, Feminist, Internationalist

Dr. Arbella Bet-Shlimon, Kirkuk under Ba'th Rule: Arabization, Centralization, and the Decline of the 'City of Black Gold,' 1968-2003

Mr. Alexander Bevilacqua, Islamic Culture in the European Enlightenment

Dr. Jessica P. Clark, Imperial Beauty: The Global Trade in Appearance, 1830-1930

Dr. Surekha Davies, Mapping the Peoples of the New World: Ethnography, Imagery, and Knowledge in Early Modern Europe

Dr. Erin R. Hochman, Anschluss before Hitler: The Politics of Transborder Nationalism in Germany and Austria, 1918-38

Dr. Peter B. Lavelle, Environmental Histories of Qing Colonialism in the Late 19th Century

Dr. Miriam Lynn Kingsberg, Japan's Midwar Generation: Anthropologists and National Identity in the 20th Century

Dr. Cian T. McMahon, The Coffin Ship: Irish Migration, Mortality, and Memory in Global Perspective

Dr. Jacqueline-Bethel Keutchemen Mougoue, When Women Wear Slacks: Fashion, Beauty and Gendered Nation-Building in West Cameroon, 1960-82

Ms. Alison K. Okuda, Caribbean and African Exchanges: The Post-Colonial Transformation of Ghanaian Music, Identity, and Social Structure

Dr. Amit Prakash, Empire on the Seine: Surveillance, Space, and North African Migrants in Paris, 1925-75

Mr. Gregory Rosenthal, Hawaiians Who Left Hawaii: Work, Body, and Environment in the Pacific World, 1786-1876

Dr. Charlotte M. Walker-Said, The African Roman Catholic Clergy's Nationalist Articulations for Marriage, chap. 5 of Traditional Marriage for the Modern Nation

Dr. Mari K. Webel, The Politics of Sleeping Sickness Prevention in East Africa, 1900-14


Mr. Jochen S. Arndt, Making of the Xhosa: German Missionary Linguists, Borderland Communities, and the Emergence of the Xhosa Ethnolinguistic Group, 1830-1930

Ms. Robin P. Chapdelaine, The Social Economy of Children in Southeastern Nigeria: Child Pawning, 1920s-40s

Ms. Jennifer E. De Vries, Making and Breaking the Rules: Regulating Beguine Life in the Northern Low Countries, 1200-1600

Dr. Adam Joseph Franklin-Lyons, Daily Life in the Hospitals of Barcelona

Dr. Christina Firpo, 'Abandoned' Children and 'Little Frenchmen': The Removal of Mixed-Race Children in Colonial Indochina, 1870-1982

Mrs. Laura A. Hohman, Carolingian Sermons: Religious Reform, Pastoral Care, and Lay Piety

Dr. Tianxiang Jiang, The End of the Unbounded Kingdom: The Study of Yao Manuscripts in the Library of Congress

Ms. Elizabeth Harrington Lambert, Between Bauhaus and Buchenwald: Contested Memory in Postwar Weimar

Ms. Caroline Rose Malloy, Producing, Viewing, Living Ireland: the Visual and Material Creation of Irishness at International Exhibitions, 1853-1939

Ms. Dasa Pejchar Mortensen, Rethinking Ethnicity, Memory, and Politics in China: The History and Legacy of the Cultural Revolution on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier

Dr. Katharine Kristina Olson, Finding Salvation: Popular Religion, Culture, and Reformation in Wales and the Marches, c. 1415-1603

Mr. Ned Richardson-Little, Between Dictatorship and Dissent: Human Rights in East Germany, 1945-90

Dr. Susanna A. Throop, Text, Image, and Ideology: The Crucifixion and the First Crusade in a Late Medieval Manuscript (BnF fr. 352)

Ms. Sarah Watkins, Iron Mothers and Warrior Lovers: Intimacy, Power, and the State in Nineteenth Century Rwanda

Dr. Janelle Werner, 'Just As the Priests Have Their Wives': Priests and Concubines in England, 1375-1549


Ms. Hannah Barker, Egyptian and Italian Merchants in the Black Sea Slave Trade, 1260-1453

Dr. Winifred Chang, Marshalling Culture: Strategies of Japanese Mobilization in Taiwan

Dr. Elise Dermineur, Indebted Peasants and Their Emotions in Early Modern France, 1650-1789

Ms. Kathleen J. Fichtel, Unearthing a History for Malawi's Island in the Sky: The Mulanje Cedar

Ms. Claire Gilbert, Arabic-Romance Bilingualism and Translation in Early Modern Spain

Dr. Patricia M. Goldsworthy, Photography in Sharifian and French Morocco

Ms. Rebecca Gould, Prisons before Modernity: A Revisionary History

Mr. Macabe Keliher, The Board of Rites and the Institutionalization of Political Order in Late Imperial China

Dr. Cynthia Sharrer Kreisel, Between War and Revolution: French Women and the Sexual Practices of Daily Life, 1952-67

Ms. Christina Frances Mobley, 'I am the subject of the King of Kongo': Negotiating Between Africa and Europe in the Haitian Revolution

Mr. Kenneth Scott Parker, The Indigenous Christians of the Bilad al-Sham and Egypt in an Age of Crusaders, Mongols, and Mamluks (1244-1365)

Dr. Willeke Sandler, 'Colonizers are born, not made': Creating a German Colonial Identity in Nazi Germany, 1933-45

Dr. Sally Shockro, The Transformation of St. Felix: Bede's Rewriting of Paulinus of Nola's vita

Mr. Daniel Stolz, Astronomy and Islam in Modern Egypt

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Pleasure, Power, and the Pursuit of Communism: State-Sponsored Youth Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1945-68

Dr. Laura Ann Twagira, Women and Gender at the Office du Niger (Mali): Technology, Environment, and Food c. 1900-85

Dr. Joshua A. Westgard, Transmission, Reception, and Influence of Bede's Ecclesiastical History in Medieval Europe, ca. 731-1565


Dr. Megan Barber, The Politics of Protest in Vichy France

Dr. Emily K. Berquist, The Science of Empire: A Bishop's Utopia in Colonial Peru

Ms. Krysta L. Black, The León Bible of 960 and Early Spanish Bible Illustration

Dr. Aurelio Espinosa, Childhood and Education in Early Modern Iberia: Isabel of Portugal and her Upbringing

Dr. Kraig Larkin, 'The Taste of the Great, Wide World': The Cigarette, Public Health, and Consumer Culture From the Third Reich to the Federal Republic

Dr. Eric Martone, All for One and One for All: The Alexandre Dumas of French Memory and the Forging of a Contemporaneous Humanity

Dr. Jennifer Anne Miller, What Is a 'Guest Worker' When Not at Work? The Postwar Negotiations of the First Generation of Turkish 'Guest Workers' in West Germany, 1961-73

Dr. Janine Larmon Peterson, Contested Sanctity and Communal Identity in North-Central Italy, 1250-1400

Dr. Wendy A. Pojmann, We Wanted to Change the World: Italian Women in International Women's Movements during the Cold War

Dr. Nancy Y. Reynolds, Entangled in Egypt: Multi-ethnic Networks among the Urban Lower Classes

Ms. Jean Patricia Smith, 'We want new settlers of British stock': The Politics of British Migration to Southern Rhodesia, 1939-65

Dr. Kathryn Kelsey Staples, Letting Women In: Female Fripperers in Late Medieval Towns

Dr. Philipp J. Stelzel, Rethinking Modern German History after 1945: A Transatlantic Enterprise

Dr. Lisa K. Walker, Environmental Encounters: Science, Disease, and Economic Development in Stalin’s Soviet Union


Dr. Alexander Borislavov Angelov, Conversion and Empire: Byzantine Missionaries, Foreign Rulers, and Christian Narratives

Dr. James E. Baldwin, Islamic Law in an Ottoman Context: Judges, Governors and Sultans Adjudicating in Late 17th/Early 18th-Century Cairo

Dr. Celine Carayon, 'Not able to be expressed with tongue': Communication, Performance, and Acculturation in French America

Dr. Winifred Chang, Marshalling Culture: Strategies of Japanese Mobilization in Taiwan, 1920-45

Dr. Sheetal Chhabria, Making of the Modern Slum and the Imperial Dynamics of Urban Impoverishment in Bombay and Karachi, 1870-1918

Mr. Isaac Curtis, Capitalism and Piracy: The Buccaneers and the Making of the Colonial Caribbean, 1620-1713

Dr. Paul du Quenoy, The Russian Empire and the Middle East

Dr. Jens-Uwe Guettel, Reading America, Studying Empire: German Images of Indians, Slavery, and American Westwards Expansion, 1789-1900

Dr. Katherine A. Luongo, The First 100 Days from Nyanza: the Perspectives of Obama's 'Kin'

Dr. Guy Ortolano, Milton Keynes and the Making of a Modernist Utopia

Dr. Rebecca Hartkopf Schloss, France at the Edges: Life in France's Atlantic Port Cities, 1760-1830

Dr. Jonathan W. Seitz, Devising Spiritual Remedies: Clerical Healers in Early Modern Venice

Dr. Joseph Stubenrauch, Faith in Goods: Consumerism, Materiality and Evangelicalism in 19th-Century Britain

Dr. Daniel I. Wasserman-Soler, Translating the Words of God: Language Policy and Evangelization in the Spanish World, 1524-1700

Dr. Yiching Wu, Popular Dissent and Protest Mobilization during Chinas Cultural Revolution, 1966-76


Dr. Waitman Wade Beorn, White Russia, Black Deeds: The Participation of Wehrmacht Soldiers in Atrocities and the Holocaust, 1941-43

Dr. Tracey L. Billado, The Politics of 'Evil Customs' in Western France, 950-1150

Dr. Elisabetta Bini, Fueling the Cold War: The Production and Consumption of Gasoline in Post-World War II Italy

Ms. Ashley T. Brenner, Unhappy Families: Elite Women at the Cape of Good Hope in the Late 17th and Early 18th Centuries

Dr. Alicia C. Decker, Beyond the Barrel: Gender, Power, and Militarism in Idi Amin's Uganda, 1971-79

Mr. Matthew J. Furlong, Peasants, Slaves, and Sojourners: Itinerant Asians in Colonial Mexico, 1571-1700

Dr. Eiko Maruko Siniawer, Waste Away: Garbage, Hygiene, and Disease in a 'Civilized' Japan, 1870s-1920s

Dr. Anupama P. Rao, Dalit Bombay: Caste and the Colonial City

Dr. Kira L. Robison, The Cutting of Dead Flesh: Physicians and the Criminal Body in the Later Middle Ages

Dr. Stefan K. Stantchev, Embargo: The Origins of an Idea and the Effects of a Policy in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Dr. Kristine M. Wirts, Huguenot Artisans and Early Modern Science and Technology


Dr. Clayton D. Brown, Han Identity

Dr. Christopher David Ely, Public Space and Political Terror in the 19th Century Russian City

Dr. Karen Elizabeth Flint, Toils of Empire: Medicine, 'Malingering,' and Indian Indentured Labor in Natal, South Africa, 1860-1910

Ms. Jackie Gold

Ms. Ellen Chang Huang, China's China: Jingdezhen Porcelain and the Production of Culture in the 19th Century

Ms. C. Cryn Johannsen, A History of Laughter? Paradoxes of Nietzsche's Laughter during the Third Reich

Dr. David A. Johnson, An Empire for the 20th Century: New Delhi and the Cultural-Politics of Imperial Space, 1911-31

Mr. David C. Jones, Facing the Epokolo: A History of the SWAPO Youth League

Dr. Thomas Pegelow Kaplan, Killing with Words: Linguistic Violence, Nazi Power and the Struggle of Germans of Jewish Ancestry

Dr. Patrick O'Banion, Negotiating Penance: Sacramental Confession and Local Religious Settlements in Early Modern Spain

Dr. Donna A. Patterson, Expanding Professional Horizons: Female Pharmacists in Dakar, Senegal

Dr. Kennetta Hammond Perry, Black Migrants, Citizenship and the Transnational Politics of Race in Postwar Britain

Dr. Adam T. Rosenbaum, The Gemütlichkeit of God's Country: Tourism and the Evolution of Regional and National Identity in Bavaria, 1870-1939

Dr. Sara Scalenghe, Being Different: Intersexuality, Blindness, Deafness, and Madness in Ottoman Syria, 1500-1800

Mr. Brian Tsui, Time Reckonings, Factory Management and Labor Protests in Nationalist Guangzhou

Dr. Olivia A. Weisser, Perceiving Sickness: Gender, Narrative, and the Patient in 17th-Century England


Dr. Dorothee Brantz, Slaughter in the City: Animals, Meat, and People in 19th-Century Paris, Berlin, and Chicago

Prof. David G. Christian, Jews, Germans of Jewish Descent, and German Colonialism, 1884-1914

Dr. Xiaoping Cong, From Feng Peng'er to Liu Qiao'er: Constructing a New Discourse on Marriage in the Chinese Communist Region during the 1940s

Ms. Elizabeth L. Crouch, The Politics of Disentanglement: the OAS, Rapatriés, and the Extreme Right in France, 1954-2005

Dr. Theodora Dragostinova, Between Two Motherlands: Struggles for Nationhood among the Greeks in Bulgaria, 1906-49

Dr. Munis D. Faruqui, Good Muslim, Bad Muslim? Rethinking Islam in Mughal India

Dr. Jacqueline H. Fewkes, A Woman's Space in Islam: Examining the History of Women's Mosques in Asian Muslim Communities

Dr. Niklas Frykman, The Wooden World Turned Upside Down: Naval Mutinies in the Age of Atlantic Revolution

Dr. Patricia M. Goldsworthy, The Commodification of the Colonial Image: Photography in Morocco, 1900-30

Dr. Steven E. Harris, Moving to the Separate Apartment: Mass Housing and the Crisis of Rising Expectations in Soviet Russia, 1945-91

Dr. Sarah L. Hoglund, The Birth of the Cemetery: Death and the Construction of British Identities

Dr. Holly S. Hurlburt, 'Caterina Veneta': Gender and Power in the Venetian Mediterranean

Dr. Eileen Mary Kane, The Hajj and Russian Governance in the Caucasus, 1845-1917

Dr. Elizabeth Walker Mellyn, Madness, Medicine, and the Law in Florence, 1350-1600

Dr. Peter Thorsheim, Plowshares into Swords: World War II and the Environment in Britain


Dr. Max A. Bergholz, The Guardians of the Partisan Past: Yugoslavia's Communist Veterans and the National Liberation War As Their Memory Project, 1945-1990

Dr. Robert K. Cliver, 'Red Silk': Labor, Capital, and the State in the Yangzi Delta Silk Industry, 1945-1965

Dr. Leigh Ann Craig, Wandering Women and Holy Matrons: Women as Pilgrims in the Later Middle Ages

Ms. Ginger R. Davis, Yellowing Minds: The U.S., Vietnam, and Ethnoracial Ideologies, 1954-1964

Dr. Jonathan Eacott, Owning Empire: East Indian Goods in the Development of the Anglophone World, 1740-1830

Dr. Brenda S. Gardenour, Medicine and Miracle: The Conjunction of Healing Practices and the Dissemination of Greco-Arabic Medicine in Christian Iberia, 11th to 13th Centuries

Dr. Andrew Goss, The Floracrats: Science, Bureaucracy, and Political Culture in Modern Indonesia

Dr. Elizabeth A. Heath, Cultivating the Nation, Refining Empire

Dr. Christian A. Hess, From Colonial Port to Socialist Metropolis: Social and Political Change in Dalian, 1937-1955

Dr. Amanda Jane Hingst, From Conquest to Christendom: Orderic Vitalis's Historicized Geography and the Making of the 11th- and 12th-Century World

Dr. Debra L. Kaplan, Negotiating Boundaries: Jewish-Christian Interactions in Strasbourg, 1530-1648

Dr. John W. I. Lee, Archaic Greek Inscriptions from Halai in East Lokris

Dr. Seung-joon Lee, The Rediscovery of Beriberi and Food Control in Republican China

Dr. Maud S. Mandel, Beyond Anti-Semitism: Muslims and Jews in Contemporary France

Dr. Sara E. Pugach, Networks of Empire: Political and Intellectual Relations between Germany and South Africa, 1848-1948

Dr. Nerina Rustomji, The Garden and the Fire: Materials of Heaven and Hell in Medieval Islamic Culture

Dr. Shobana Shankar, Muslim Africa in the Christian Evangelical Imagination: The American Sudan Interior Mission Archive, 1899 to the Present

Dr. Torrence N. Thomas, Publicizing Peter: Religious Propaganda in the Middle Ages, 1215-1415

Dr. Hakeem I. Tijani, Britain and the Development of Leftist Ideology and Organizations in West Africa: The Nigerian Experience, 1945-1965

Dr. Lindsay Moira Weiss, Toward the Origins of Apartheid: South Africa's First Industrial Mining Community


Dr. Troy O. Bickham, The Material Culture of British Perceptions of American Indians in the 18th Century

Dr. Brian D. Bunk, Ghosts of Passion: Aida Lafuente and the Spanish Revolution of October 1934

Dr. Adam J. Cathcart, Against the Sun: Anti-Japanese Propaganda in China, 1945-1950

Dr. William P. Cummings, Interpreting Conversion to Islam in 17th-Century Indonesia

Dr. Anna Dronzek, To Win Worship: Middle-Class Identity and Gender in Late Medieval England

Dr. Alexis Dudden, With Sorrow and Regret: The Politics of Apology between Japan, Korea, and the United States

Dr. Amy M. Froide, The Silent Partners of Britain's Financial Revolution: Singlewomen and their Public Investments

Dr. Stephane A. Gerson, A Cultural History of Nostradamus: Memory and Anticipation from Provence to Global Society

Dr. Peter Andrew Kushner, Reformations: Concepts of the Reformation in Early 19th-Century German Historical Thought

Dr. Christopher J. Lee, Colonial Kinships: The British Dual Mandate, Anglo-African Status, and the Politics of Race and Ethnicity in Interwar Nyasaland, 1915-1939

Dr. Paul B. Miller, The Footprints of Gavrilo Princip (or June 28, 1914: A Day in History and Memory)

Dr. Farina Mir, Language, Community, and Cultural Production in Colonial India: Punjab's Literary Epics as Social Commentary, c. 1850-1900

Dr. Derek G. Neal, The Masculinity of the English Clergy, 1460-1560

Dr. Moses Ebe Ochonu, 1930s Colonial Northern Nigeria;Socio- economic impacts of Depression

Dr. Patrick Hyder Patterson, Communism Consumed: The Culture of the Market and Everyday Life in Yugoslavia, Hungary, and the German Democratic Republic

Dr. Steven E. Rowe, Learning Literacy: Popular Education in 19th-Century France

Dr. Cyrus Schayegh, Post-Colonial Modernization and the Expansion of Public Health and Psychiatry in Iran: National and International Dimensions, 1953-1979

Dr. Susan Smith-Peter, Regionalism and Civil Society in Pre-Reform Russia

Dr. Pamela E. Swett, Selling under the Swastika: The Refashioning of German Advertising after 1933

Dr. Simon H. Teuscher, European Kinship, 1300-1900. The Long Run. The Transition from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period

Dr. Di Wang, The Teahouse: Public Life and Social Transformation in Chengdu, 1900-1950

Dr. Theodore J. Yoo, The Politics of Gender in Colonial Korea: Education, Labor, and Health, 1910-1945


Dr. Edmund Abaka, Traders, Soldiers, Carriers, and Educators: The Hausa Diaspora in Ghana, Gold Coast and Asante c.1820-1950

Dr. Jana L. Byars, Concubinage in Early Modern Venice

Dr. Darius Furmonavicius, Lithuania Rejoins Europe

Dr. Andrea S. Goldman, Opera in the City: Theatrical Performances and Urbanite Aesthetics in Beijing, 1770-1870

Dr. Christine S. Haynes, Lost Illusions: The Rise of the Book Publisher and the Construction of a Literary Marketplace in 19th-Century France

Dr. Brian Andrew Hodson, Frontiers of Absolutism: Political Culture and Systems of Authority in Hungary and Transylvania, 1683-1723

Dr. Liz Horodowich, The Un-Mannered Tongue: Blasphemy, Insults, and Gossip in Renaissance Venice

Dr. Tong Lam, Seeking Truth from Facts: Investigation and Representing Chinese 'Society,' 1890s-1940s

Dr. Douglas Fenton Mann, Becoming Creole: Material Life and Society in 18th-Century Kingston, Jamaica

Dr. Anna Maslakovic, Space and the Politics of Common Good in Renaissance Lyon

Dr. John McCannon, Painting the Infinite: The Life and Art of Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947

Dr. Derek R. Peterson, Economic Change, Gender Crisis, and the Social History of the East African Revival

Dr. Sara B. Pritchard, Recreating the Rhône: Nature, Technology, and the State in France since 1945

Dr. Paul Steege, Between War and Peace: The Battle for Berlin, 1946-1949

Dr. Elisabeth M. Wengler, Women's Religious Activism in 16th-Century Geneva

Ms. Leila R. Wice, Dress Codes: Breaking Rules and Making Meanings in 19th-Century Japan

Dr. Gregory R. Witkowski, Factory to Farm, Farmers to Factory: A Communist Campaign to Mobilize East German Workers to Modernize Agriculture, 1953-1963


Dr. Sandy Bardsley, Sin, Speech, and Gender in Late Medieval England

Dr. Jennifer Anne Boittin, Soleil Noir: Josephine Baker, Race and Gender in Interwar Paris

Dr. Chad Bryant, Making the Czechs German: Nationality and Nazi Rule in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, 1939-1945

Mr. William M. Coleman, Between Empires: Power in Khams History, 1860-1949

Dr. John J. Curry, In Pursuit of an Elusive Mystic: The 'Lost Works' of Celebi Halife

Dr. Tamara L. Giles-Vernick, Combating Malaria: Colonial Campaigns in French Sudan, 1920-1960

Dr. Padhraig Higgins, 'Playing the Man': Patriotism, Gender, and the Empire in Irish Political Culture, 1778-1791

Dr. Robin E. Judd, We Jews Who Feel Most German: Religion and the Making of Modern German-Jewish Life, 1843-1933

Dr. Mary D. Lewis, The Company of Strangers: Immigration and Citizenship in Interwar Lyon and Marseille

Dr. Pamela O. Long, Engineering and Exorcism in Counter-Reformation Rome

Dr. Elizabeth Green Musselman, Cape Colony Science: Dutch, British, and African Views of Nature, 1652-1910

Dr. Anthony M. Perron, Metropolitan Authority in the Canonistic Commentaries, 1140-1234

Dr. Jeremy G. Prestholdt, Worldly Things: The Culture and Economy of Swahili Consumption, 1820-1890

Dr. Philadelphia Ricketts, The Property Rights and Practices of Widows in 12th- and 13th-Century Yorkshire and Iceland

Dr. Dagmar A. Riedel, Searching for the Islamic Episteme: The Status of Historical Information in Middle Eastern Anthological Writing

Dr. Daniella Sarnoff, Women in French Fascism, 1919-1939

Dr. Jennifer Speed, The Politics of Emotion in 13th-Century Iberia

Dr. Axel Utz, Cultural Exchange and the Promotion of Uniformity


Dr. Jomarie Alano, A Life of Resistance: Ada Prospero Marchesini Gobetti, 1902-1968

Dr. Magnus T. Bernhardsson, Reclaiming a Plundered Past: Archaeology and Nationalism in Modern Iraq

Dr. Elisa Camiscioli, Producing Workers and Citizens: Immigration, Demography, and Pronatalism in Early 20th-Century France

Dr. Sally Charnow, Theatre Transformed: Modernism and Cultural Policy in Paris, 1886-1906

Dr. Rita C-K Chin, Rewriting the 'Guest Worker': Turkish-German Artists and the Emergence of Multiculturalism in the Federal Republic of Germany

Dr. Abigail Firey, Italian Manuscripts of the Collectio Dacheriana: Law and Penance

Dr. Matthew Guterl, 'Back to Our Old Places': Labor, Race, and the Aftermath of Slavery in the Atlantic World

Dr. Dana S. Hale, Races on Display: French Representations of the Colonial Native, 1886-1940

Dr. A. Katie Harris, Forging Identity in Early Modern Spain: Civic Identity and the Plomos of Granada

Dr. Tom Mix Hill, Tribes and Workers: Transformation in Rural Algeria, 1845-63

Dr. Marguerite E. Hoyt, Visualizing Women's Place in Wartime: Service, Civility, Loyalty, A Comparative Study of Four World War II Home Fronts

Dr. Stephan F. Miescher, 'To Be a Man Is Hard': Negotiating Masculinities in 20th-Century Ghana

Dr. Lisa Moses Leff, The Making of Modern Solidarity: French Jews and World Jewry, 1789-1889

Dr. Andrew R. Muldoon, Voyage Home: British Migration from South Asia after 1947

Dr. H. Glenn Penny, The German Love Affair with the American Indian

Dr. Anne Raffin, Making Patriots: Youth Mobilization in Vichy France and Indochina during and after World War II

Dr. Eric Rath, History of Kyoto Cuisine and Restaurants

Dr. Colleen M. Seguin, The Resistance of Catholic Women to Religious Conformity: England, 1590-1690

Dr. Heather E. Streets-Salter, Warriors of the Blood? The Military, Race, and Masculinity in Late Victorian Britain

Dr. Julie Anne Taddeo, Lytton Strachey and Modern Sexual Identity

Dr. Peter Thorsheim, Pollution and Perception in Industrial Britain

Dr. Tom R. Trice, The 'Body Politic': Death and the Politics of Representation in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1841-1921

Dr. Michael W. Tuck, African Women in Colonial Uganda

Dr. Michelle E. Tusan, Writing Stri Dharma: Women's Publishing, the Media, and the Politics of Difference in Colonial India

Dr. Judith A. Walden, From Cottage to Tower: Public Housing in Dublin, Ireland, 1939-1969

Dr. Kerry R. Ward, 'The Bounds of Bondage': Forced Migration from Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope during the Dutch East India Company (VOC) Era

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Wohlcke, Public Amusements and the Gendering of London's Modern Urban Spaces, 1666-1752

Dr. Patrick R. Young, Producing a Consumable Past: Tourism in 'Greater France,' 1900-1930


Dr. Benedict Carton, Sheltered in White Rule: African Collaboration and Labor Recruitment in Colonial Matabeleland and KwaZulu, Southern Africa, 1900-1980

Dr. Lisa Forman Cody, Foreign Midwives in Training at the 18th-Century Hôtel Dieu in Paris

Dr. James A. Cook, Bridges to Modernity: Overseas Chinese and Modernization in China, 1842-1937

Dr. Duane J. Corpis, Geographies of Religious Conversion: Crossing the Boundaries of Belief in Southern Germany, 1648-1800

Dr. Emily R. Gottreich, Jewish Space in the Islamic City: A History of the Mellah of Marrakesh

Dr. Dawn Marie Hayes, Thresholds to the Sacred: Bodies and Churches in Northern France in the Central and Latter Middle Ages, 1100-1400

Dr. Maureen Anne Healy, Vienna Falling: Total War and Everyday Life

Dr. Jeffrey H. Jackson, Making Jazz French: Music and Cosmopolitanism in Interwar France

Dr. Carolyn J. Johnston, The Politics of Pantomime: Working-Class Theater in Paris, 1815-1863

Dr. Richard Keller, French Psychiatry in Colonial North Africa, 1900-1962

Dr. Julie Livingston, The Social History of Disability in Botswana, 1930-1990

Dr. Sean A. Martin, Building Our Own Home: The Ethnic Identity of the Jews of Krakow, 1918-1939

Dr. April Louise Najjaj, The Alhambra in the 14th Century: A Social History of an Islamic Palace-City

Dr. Steven T. Pierce, Punishment and the Political Body: Flogging and Colonialism in Northern Nigeria

Dr. Brett L. Shadle, 'Girl Cases': Runaway Wives, Eloping Daughters and Abduction in Gusiland, Kenya

Dr. Corinna A. Treitel, Avatars of the Soul: Cultures of Science, Medicine, and the Occult in Modern Germany


Dr. Kathleen M. Comerford, Agents of the Counter-Reformation--Or Not

Dr. Laura K. Deal, Defamation and Reputation in the Diocese of Chester, 1560-1645

Dr. Colin J. Fallon, The Salvation, Promotion, and Politicization of Culture in the City of Weimar, 1919-33

Dr. Nancy J. Jacobs, Environmental Management and Food Production in Kuruman, South Africa

Dr. Janine M. Lanza, Family Making and Family Breaking: Widows in 18th-Century France

Dr. Catherine F. Patterson, Corporations, the Crown, and Quo Warranto: Urban Government and the English State, 1590-1640

Dr. Michael G. Seaman, Examination of Epigraphic Evidence in Study of Ancient Ethnic Cleansing


Dr. Brian A. Catlos

Dr. Katherine L. French

Dr. Kevin P. Grant

Dr. Dawn Marie Hayes

Dr. Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

Dr. Jacob D. Melish

Dr. Joe B. Perry

Dr. Eve M. Troutt Powell

Dr. Christopher Schmidt-Nowara

Dr. Mary A. Suydam