George L. Mosse Prize Recipients

The George L. Mosse Prize was established in 2000 with funds donated by former students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Mosse, eminent scholar of European history. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding major work of extraordinary scholarly distinction, creativity, and originality in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe since the Renaissance.


Dr. Miranda Frances Spieler, Empire and Underworld: Captivity in French Guiana (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. Sophus A. Reinert, Translating Empire: Emulation and the Origins of Political Economy (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. James H. Johnson, Venice Incognito: Masks in the Serene Republic (Univ. of California Press)


Dr. Suzanne Lynn Marchand, German Orientalism in the Age of Empire (Cambridge Univ. Press)


Dr. Stuart B. Schwartz, All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World (Yale Univ. Press)


Dr. Atina Grossmann, Jews, Germans, and Allies: Close Encounters in Occupied Germany (Princeton Univ. Press)


Dr. David G. Blackbourn, The Conquest of Nature: Water, Landscape, and the Making of Modern Germany (W.W. Norton)


Dr. Sandra Herbert, Charles Darwin, Geologist (Cornell Univ. Press)


Dr. Jonathan L. Sheehan, The Enlightenment Bible: Translation, Scholarship, Culture (Princeton Univ. Press)


Dr. Siep Stuurman, Francois Poulain de la Barre and the Invention of Modern Equality (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. Sarah C. Maza, The Myth of the French Bourgeoises: An Essay on the Social Imaginary, 1750-1850 (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. Anthony J. LaVopa, Fichte: The Self and the Calling of Philosophy, 1762-99 (Cambridge Univ. Press)


Dr. Lionel Gossman, Basel in the Age of Burckhardt: A Study in Unseasonable Ideas (Univ. of Chicago Press)


Dr. Richard Wortman, Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy: From Alexander II to the Abdication of Nicholas II, vol. 2 (Princeton Univ. Press)