Littleton-Griswold Grant Recipients

Littleton-Griswold Grants are awarded for research in US legal history and in the general field of law and society.


Ms. Sara Damiano, Gender, Law, and the Culture of Credit in New England, 1730-1790

Ms. Moira C. Gillis, The Evolution of the Colonial American Corporation under the Stuart and Hanoverian Crowns, 1606-1763

Mr. Ryan Matthew Johnson, Enemies of the State: Knowing, Producing, and Policing Anarchism in the Making of the Modern American National Security State, 1901-21

Ms. Heather Ruth Lee, The Right to Enter: Chinese Restaurant Owners, U.S. Immigration Laws, and the Federal Courts, 1894-1945

Dr. Michael Alan Schoeppner, The Moral Contagion of Liberty: Black Atlantic Sailors, Citizenship, and Quarantine in the Antebellum United States


Mr. Ananda Venkata Burra, From Mandates to Trusteeship: Forging a Right to Petition in International Law

Ms. Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell, Daughters of the Nadir: Black Girls and Childhood on Trial in South Carolina Courts, 1885-1905

Dr. Melissa A. Hayes, Sex in the Witness Stand: Legal Culture, Community, and Out-of-Wedlock Sexual Governance in 19th-Century America

Mr. Derek Miller, Judicial Criticism: Theater and Music in Anglo-American Copyright Law, 1833-1911


Dr. Oliver Lee Bateman Esq., Engines of Change, Hotbeds of Conflict: State Supreme Courts and the Pursuit of Educational Equity

Mr. Maroon Anthony David, Off the Land: The Homestead Act and the Politics of Dispossession

Ms. Allison Mileo Gorsuch, Before Dred Scott: Citizenship and Slavery in the Territorial Midwest

Ms. Heather Danielle Hawkins, Regulating the Family: Children, Families, and the State, 1820-1919

Ms. Grainne F. McEvoy, American Catholic Social Criticism and the Immigration Question in the Restriction Era, 1917-65

Ms. Chantel Renee Rodriguez, The Politics of Health and Citizenship in the Railroad Bracero Program, 1942-47

Mr. Jeffrey Todd Vernon Esq., The Fertility Frontier: Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Boundaries of Legal Solutions


Ms. Clara Altman, American Law from Across the Pacific: Statebuilding, the US, and the Philippines, 1898-1935

Dr. Thomas William Bahde, The Life and Death of Gus Reed: Race and Justice in the World of a 19th-Century Thief

Dr. Aaron I. Cavin, Bordering the Metropolis: Race, Law, and Politics in the Silicon Valley, 1945-2000

Dr. Jeffrey Gonda, Home Front: The Restrictive Covenant Cases and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Doug Kiel, The Oneida Resurgence: Modern Indian Renewal in the Heart of America


Dr. Helen J. Knowles, Rethinking the Abolitionists' Constitution

Dr. Kristin A. Olbertson, Criminally Impolite: Speech Transgressions and Social Order in Provincial Massachusetts

Dr. Leah Weinryb Grohsgal, Reinventing Civil Liberties: Religious Groups, Organized Litigation, and the Rights Revolution

Dr. Kimberly M. Welch, Public Confrontations: Southern Subordinates and Local Legal Cultures in the Old South


Ms. Jill M. Fraley, The War on Poverty: The Myth of Classless Society and the Block for Constitutional Change

Dr. Hidetaka Hirota, Nativism, Citzenship, and Civil Liberties: Immigration Control and the Deportation of Paupers in Massachusetts, 1846-78

Dr. Melissa L. Milewski, From Slave to Litigant: African Americans in Court in the Postwar South


Dr. Lisa Blee, Framing Chief Leschi: Memory, Justice, and American Empire in Nisqually History, 1854-2004

Dr. Kathryn V. Burns-Howard, 'No Vote, No Friends, No Hope': Insanity and the Conditions of Citizenship

Dr. Sophia Lee, 'Almost Revolutionary': Labor Politics, Civil Rights Constitutionalism, and the Administrative State, 1935-78

Dr. Jonathan W. White, 'To Aid Their Rebel Friends': The Law of Treason in the North during the American Civil War


Dr. Jennifer J. Armiger, The Women of Western Electric: Reconsidering Gender Discrimination, Civil Rights, and the Meaning of Equity in Post-1960s America

Dr. Ethan V. Blue, Hard Time in the New Deal: The Cultures of Punishment in Texas and California in the 1930s

Dr. Francesca P. Gamber, The Radical Heart: The Politics of Love in the Struggle for African-American Equality, 1833-2000

Dr. C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, A Seneca Sachem in the Indian Bureau: Ely S. Parker and the Unintended Consequences of Native-Centered Policy Reform

Ms. Linda A. Tvrdy, Constitutional Rights in a Common Law World: The Reconstruction of North Carolina's Legal Order, 1863-83


Dr. H. Robert Baker, The Rescue of Joshua Glover: Lawyers, Popular Constitutionalism, and the Fugitive Slave Law in Wisconsin

Dr. Brian D. Behnken, Fighting Their Own Battles: Blacks, Mexican Americans, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas, 1950-1975

Dr. Allison Brownell Tirres, American Law Comes to the Border: Law and Colonization on the Edge of the U.S.-Mexico Divide, 1848-1890

Dr. Dominic Francis DeBrincat, Yankee Jurisprudence: The Court and Legal Culture of New London County, Connecticut, 1660-1820

Dr. C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, Ely S. Parker and the State: 'Legibility,' Unintended Consequences, and the Evolution of Nineteenth Century Colonial Policy

Dr. Gabriel J. Loiacono, The People and the Poor: Ideas and Experiences of Poverty in Rhode Island, 1780-1935

Dr. J. Douglas Smith, An Unfinished Revolution: Reapportionment and the Quest for Democracy in 20th-Century America

Dr. Susan V. Spellman, Pure Faith: Grocers, Consumers, and the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, 1900-1920

Dr. Jennifer Uhlmann, The ILD and the NAACP: Bitter Rivals in a Common Cause


Dr. Willoughby Anderson, "Against the Peace and Dignity of the State of Alabama": The 1977 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing Trial and the Remaking of Birmingham

Dr. Susan L. Bragg, Marketing the ‘Modern Negro’: Race, Gender, and NAACP Activism, 1909-1945

Dr. Gregory Michael Dorr, Protection or Control?: Women’s Health, Sterilization Abuse, and Relf v. Weinberger

Dr. Lisa M. Ford, Subjects of Empire: Imperial Sovereignty and the Land and Bodies of Indigenous People

Dr. Lisa Lindquist-Dorr, Shinny Makers and Drinkers: Gender, Respectability, and the Enforcement of Prohibition in the Deep South

Dr. Kevin D. McCarthy, Fit Custodians: Gender, Race, and the Law in Lower-South Trial Courts, 1830-1925

Dr. James P. McGowan, Too Brave to Fight: American Conscientious Objectors and the War for Democracy, 1917-1920

Dr. Lisa Y. Ramos, George I. Sanchez and the ‘Class Apart’ Theory: The Politics of Mexican-American Citizenship

Dr. Heather Thompson, Attica: Race, Rebellion and the Rise of Law and Order America


Dr. Kathleen Anne Brosnan, A Contested Vintage: Law, Land, and Labor in California's Wine Culture

Dr. Brett V. Gadsden, 'All We Wanted was a Bus for the Colored': The Desegregation of Public Education in Delaware

Dr. Daniel W. Hamilton, The Limits of Sovereignty: Legislative Confiscation in the Union and Confederac

Dr. Laura Mihailoff, Protecting Our Children: A History of the California Youth Authority and Juvenile Delinquency, 1938-1978

Dr. George Edward Milne, Today We Are Walking as Slaves: the Evolution of French and Indian Relations, 1650-1740

Dr. Rebecca A. Rix, Gender and Reconstitution: The Family and Individual Basis of Democracy Contested, 1880-1932

Dr. Sharon Elizabeth Romeo, Reconstructing Race, Gender and Citizenship in St. Louis: The Politics of Unlawful Sex in the Era of Emancipation, 1861-1877

Dr. Donna C. Schuele, From Californio to Anglo Hands: The Role of Probate in Nineteenth-Century California Land Transfer


Dr. Margot Canaday, The Straight State: Sexuality and American Citizenship before Stonewall

Dr. Martha S. Jones, Constructing 'Rights' and 'Respect': African Americans in the Legal Culture of Baltimore's Middle Ground, 1820-1860

Dr. Jason D. Martinek, Mightier than the Sword: Working-Class Reading, Educational Politics, and Socialists' Printed Culture of Dissent, 1884-1917

Dr. Ajay K. Mehrotra, The Emergence of the Modern American Fiscal State: The Political Economy of U.S Tax Policy, 1880-1930

Dr. William J. Nancarrow, Vox Populi: Democracy and the Progressive Era Judiciary

Dr. Jeanne D. Petit, The Men and Women We Want: Gender, Citizenship, and Immigration Restriction Debates, 1896-1929

Dr. Michael A. Ross, The Legal Obstruction of Reconstruction in the Deep South

Dr. Christopher W. Schmidt, Postwar Liberalism and the Origins of Brown v. Board of Education

Dr. Diana I. Williams, 'They Call it Marriage': Interracial Families in Post-Emancipation Louisiana

Dr. Ann Marie Woodward, Between Growth and Entitlement: Fiscal Conservatism, Postwar Tax Policy, and the Politics of 'Pay-as-you-Go'


Dr. Carlos Aguirre, Tinterillos and Leguleyos: Towards a History of Legal Intermediaries in Modern Peru

Dr. K. Walter Hickel, Disability, Law, and Social Citizenship in America: Evidence from War Risk Insurance Case Files, 1920-1940

Dr. Christian W. McMillen

Dr. Stephen A. Mihm, The Alchemists: Counterfeiters and Counterfeits, 1837-1877

Dr. Gary Murrell, Biography of Herbert Aptheker

Dr. Matthew Taylor Raffety, The Republic Afloat: Work, Manhood, and 'Liberty' in 19th-Century Mutinies

Dr. Brett L. Shadle, 'Girl Cases:' Runaway Wives, Eloped Daughters, and Abducted Women in Gusiiland, Kenya, c. 1890-1965

Dr. Rickie Solinger, The First Welfare Case: Civil Rights and Welfare Rights in Selma, Alabama

Dr. John W. Sweet, The Troubled Childhood of Jim Crow: Deference, Democracy, and the Emergence of the American North


Mr. Charles F. Bethel, Business Origins of the Modern First Amendment

Dr. Christopher Capozzola, Legislating Loyalty: Citizenship and Obligation in American Law, 1917-1925

Dr. Lisa Cardyn, Engendering Traumatic Experience: Legal, Medical, and Psychological Conceptions of Sexual Trauma in American Culture, 1865-1950

Dr. Elizabeth L. Hillman, Cold War Crime and American Military Culture: Courts-Martial in the U.S. Military, 1950-1975

Dr. Linda S. Janke, Prisoners of War: Gender, Venereal Disease, and Incarceration during World War I

Dr. Paul C. Kemeny, The Protestant Establishment, Modernity, and Cultural Pluralism: The New England Watch and Ward Society and the Transformation of Moral Reform Activities, 1878-1930

Dr. Jill K. Silos, 'Everybody Get Together': The Counterculture and Public Space, 1964-1970


Dr. Louis C. Anthes, Law and the Ways of Strangers: A History of Legal Representation in Immigrant New York, 1870-1930

Dr. Eliza B. Clark, Building a Woman's House: Responses to Domestic Violence in the Northeastern United States, 1830-1860

Dr. Christopher R. Corley, Paternal Authority, Legal Practice, and State Building in Early Modern France, 1477-1750

Dr. Sara L. Dubow, Ourselves Unborn: Fetal Meanings in Modern America

Mr. Richard C. Hantzmon, Fur, Fin, and Feather: Hunting and Fishing Regulation and the Legal Origins of American Conservation, 1607-1900

Dr. Alexander B. Haskell, Defending Good Names: Authority, Identity, and the Politics of Reputation in Colonial Virginia, 1670-1770

Dr. Mark Edwin Miller, Ambiguous Tribalism: Unrecognized Tribes and the State

Dr. Mary Niall Mitchell, Raising Freedom's Child: Race, Politics, and the Lives of Black Children in 19th-Century Louisiana

Dr. Robert Perkinson, Prisoner Activism in the Cradle of Modern American Punishment

Dr. John Fabian Witt, Accident and Design: Workmen's Compensation and the Making of American Personal Injury Law, 1870-1930


Dr. Elizabeth Borgwardt, In Their Own Image: Law, Ideas, and Conceptual Change in American Diplomacy, 1944-1947

Dr. Dawn Rae Flood, Hard to Prove: Victims in Chicago Rape Cases, 1926-1966

Dr. John Logan, Defining Industrial Citizenship: The State and Workers' Rights in the U.S. and Canada, 1933-1961

Dr. Elaine Frantz Parsons, Slaves to the Bottle: Drink in Legal Discourse

Dr. Ellen Holmes Pearson, American Transformations of Blackstone's Commentaries, 1769-1830

Dr. Dana Rabin, The Criminal Self and Legal Responsibility in England, 1660-1800

Dr. Susan Wyly-Jones, The Impact of Abolitionist Postal and Petition Campaigns on Society, Law, and Politics in the U.S. South, 1835-44


Dr. Susanna Blumenthal

Dr. Jacob Katz Cogan

Ms. Kathleen T. Cummings

Dr. Bruce W. Eelman

Dr. Cheryl D. Hicks

Mr. Derek Krissoff

Dr. Michael J. Millender

Ms. Elizabeth Rosen


Mr. Matthew E. Babcock

Dr. Kathleen Anne Brosnan

Dr. Andrew Wender Cohen

Dr. Mara L. Dodge

Dr. Daniel Hulsebosch

Dr. Felicia A. Kornbluh

Ms. Karen L. Murphy

Dr. Stephen M. Robertson

Ms. Jo Ann Woodsum


Dr. Sharon Block, Coerced Sex in British America, 1700-1820

Dr. Tracy Fessenden, Invisible Colors, Thin Disguises: Supernaturalism and Racial Policy in Victorian America

Dr. Ann Fidler, Surveying the Nineteenth-Century Legal Landscape: Law and Society in Small Ohio Communities, 1830-80

Dr. Leslie M. Harris, Creating the African American Working Class: Black and White Workers, Abolitionists and Reformers in New York City, 1785-1863

Dr. Robert D. Johnston, The Local Roots of Muller v. Oregon and the Social Bases of the Modern American Welfare State

Dr. Scott A. Sandage, Freeing the Slaves: Bankruptcy Law and the Coming of the Civil War

Dr. Bruce P. Smith, Petty Crime and the Law in London and New York City, 1785-1860

Dr. M. David Tegeder, Peonage in the Lower South: Cultural and Economic Change in the Florida, Georgia, and Alabama Timber Industry, 1900-40