Paul Birdsall Prize Recipients

The Paul Birdsall Prize in European Military and Strategic History was established in 1985 by a generous gift from Professor Hans Gatzke, who remained anonymous until his death.

The Birdsall Prize is currently awarded biennially for the most important work published in English on European military or strategic history since 1870. Paul Birdsall (d. 1970) was a historian of European diplomatic and military affairs and a foreign service officer.


Dr. Edith Replogle Sheffer, Burned Bridge: How East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain (Oxford Univ. Press)


Dr. Jonathan Reed Winkler, Nexus: Strategic Communications and American Security in World War I (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. Jeffrey A. Engel, Cold War at 30,000 Feet: The Anglo-American Fight for Aviation Supremacy (Harvard Univ. Press)


Dr. Mark A. Lawrence, Assuming the Burden: Europe and the American Commitment to War in Vietnam (Univ. of California Press)


Dr. Robert M. Citino, Blitzkrieg to Desert Storm: The Evolution of Operational Warfare (Univ. Press of Kansas)


Dr. Matthew Connelly, A Diplomatic Revolution: Algeria's Fight for Independence and the Origins of the Post-Cold War Era (Oxford Univ. Press)


Dr. Marc Trachtenberg, A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-63 (Princeton Univ. Press)


Dr. John Beeler, British Naval Policy in the Gladstone-Disraeli Era, 1866-1880 (Stanford Univ. Press)


Dr. David G. Herrmann, The Arming of Europe and the Making of the First World War (Princeton Univ. Press)


Dr. Leonard V. Smith, Between Mutiny and Obedience (Princeton Univ. Press)


Dr. Dennis E. Showalter, Tannenberg: Clash of Empires (Archon/Shoe String Press)


Dr. Brian Loring Villa, Unauthorized.Action: Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid (Oxford Univ. Press)


Col. Robert M. Doughty, The Seeds of Disaster: The Development of the French Army Doctrine, 1919-39 (Shoe String Press of Archeon Books)