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Historian Honored for "Exceptional Work as a Teacher and Mentor"

In November 2014, Monica H. Green was awarded with the 2014 Joseph H. Hazen Education Prize, which is given annually by the History of Science Society in recognition of outstanding contributions to the teaching of history of science. The citation noted that "much of her exceptional work as a teacher and mentor takes place outside the usual structure of American academic life.”

Author Presents Book to Course on Women's History in the Latin American and the Caribbean

On April 8th, 2015, Mrs. Maria Luisa Caballero Franco, Puerto Rican author, was invited to present her book Josefa Marquesa del Pumar, with Conchita Franco Serri, co-author and editor, at Professor April Mayes history class at Pomona College: "Women of Honor, Women of Shame: Women's Lives in Colonial Latin America and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean, 1300-1900," a course which examines the colonial period from the perspective of women's and gender history. Written in Spanish, the book contains over a hundred pages of transcribed pages of archival, primary source documents dating back two hundred years ago, a first person account of a royalist woman émigré exiled from Venezuela by Simon Bolivar. Ms. Caballero Franco’s book, just released, is available in Amazon and SquareUp. Caballero Franco, Maria Luisa, with Conchita Franco Serri. Josefa Marquesa Del Pumar. Edited by Conchita Franco Serri. 1st Ed. ed. Claremont: Santa Clara, 2015. 336. ISBN: 978-0-692-37797-0

First English-Language Biography of French Revolutionary Francois Buzot Published

Bette W. Oliver has announced the publication of her most recent book, "Provincial Patriot of the French Revolution: Francois Buzot, 1760-1794" (Lexington Books, 2015). It is the first biography written in English of this Girondin leader. The book covers his early life as a lawyer in Evreux, his defense of departmental interests, and his role as a leader in both the Constituent Assembly and the National Convention, as well as his last days as a fugitive from the government of which he had once been a part.

Oliver, with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, is an independent scholar specializing the late 18th-century French history.

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