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From the AHA Activities column in the April 2013 issue of Perspectives on History

Joan Kelly Prize Endowment Restored

AHA Staff, April 2013

When the AHA announced a shortfall in the endowment for the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize in Women's History, the Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH) immediately launched an ambitious three-year fundraising drive to restore the prize fund to financial health. Thanks to the energetic fundraising of the CCWH, matched by a gift from an anonymous donor and matched again by generous contributions from the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians and the Journal of Women's History, the Joan Kelly Prize—the only AHA prize for the history of women and/or feminist theory—is now among the best endowed of all the AHA awards. Together, we accomplished this in a single year, and we extend our warmest thanks to all who made this possible.

The Joan Kelly Memorial Prize, first awarded in 1984, is an annual prize for the book in women's history and/or feminist theory that best reflects the high intellectual and scholarly ideals exemplified by the life and work of Joan Kelly.

Read the list of past Joan Kelly Prize winners.

The Joan Kelly Prize received generous support from:

The Coordinating Council for Women in History

The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

Journal of Women's History

  • Edward A. Alpers
  • James S. Amelang
  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Leora Auslander
  • Lewis Bateman
  • Judith MacKenzie Bennett
  • Eileen C. Boris
  • Daniel Bornstein
  • Marilyn J. Boxer
  • Anne Boylan
  • Virginia Boynton
  • Renate Bridenthal
  • Paul J. Carr
  • Nupur Chaudhuri
  • Lizabeth Cohen
  • Alix Cooper
  • Sandi E. Cooper
  • Margaret S. Crocco
  • Natalie Zemon Davis
  • Sandra Dawson
  • Cornelia H. Dayton
  • Jane DeHart
  • Sarah Deutsch
  • Debbie Ann Doyle
  • Ellen Carol DuBois
  • Laura D. Dull
  • Anne O. Dzamba
  • Gayle V. Fischer
  • Monica D. Fitzgerald
  • Alexandra L. Fleagle
  • Estelle B. Freedman
  • Alexandra Garbarini
  • Michael E. Gasper
  • Carol Gold
  • Susan Goodier
  • Dena Goodman
  • James Grossman
  • Jacqueline Dowd Hall
  • Alice Kessler Harris
  • Susan M. Hartmann
  • Amanda Elise Herbert
  • Ellen Herman
  • Gail B. Hershatter
  • Martha C. Howell
  • Eleanor Hubbard
  • Elizabeth Jameson
  • Laresh Krishna Jayasanker
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Temma Kaplan
  • Sara Kimble
  • Susan Klepp
  • Dorothy Ko
  • Mary C. Koslovsky
  • Jesse Lemisch
  • Sharon M. Leon
  • Michele Mitchell
  • Claire Moses
  • Mary Beth Norton
  • Karen Offen
  • Jocelyn Olcott
  • Lisa A. Pace
  • Kathy L. Peiss
  • Mary Elizabeth Perry
  • Allyson M. Poska
  • Barbara Ramusack
  • Anupama P. Rao
  • Seth Rockman
  • Sarah F. Rose
  • Mark H. Rose
  • Karin A. Rosemblatt
  • Leila Rupp
  • Jennifer Scanlon
  • Rima Lunin Schultz
  • Joan W. Scott
  • Jennifer Sessions
  • Barbara Sicherman
  • Kitty Sklar & Tom Dublin
  • Aeleah Soine
  • Gregory N. Stern
  • Pamela J. Stewart
  • Landon R. Storrs
  • Susan Strasser
  • Margaret A. Strobel
  • Susan W. Ware
  • Gerhard L. Weinberg
  • Judith Weisenfeld
  • The Western Association of Women Historian
  • Barbara Winslow
  • Susan Wladaver-Morgan
  • Eva Sheppard Wolf
  • Sharon E. Wood
  • Robert L. Zangrando