December 2013



The Many Careers of History PhDs:
New Report Documents Diverse Employment Outcomes

By Julia Brookins and Allen Mikaelian

Masters at the Movies

Masters at the Movies, Take 22
By Robert Brent Toplin

The Anarchist Cinema of Peter Watkins
By David Armitage

Thinking Historically, Working Locally

A Place for Collaboration:
Cliveden and the Merits of Reevaluating a Landmark's Past 

By Joseph Cialdella

History down the Road:
Why Local Historical Societies Should Be the Next Frontier for Your Classroom

By Joshua Bill 

Finding a Sense of Place:
A Surprising Experiment in Place-­Based Collaborative Learning

By Bob H. Reinhardt


The Forest and the Trees: Thinking Historically, Working Locally
By Allen Mikaelian

Print edition cover, December 2013 issue
Cover image on the print edition: Still from La Commune (Paris 1871), directed by Peter Watkins. Photo courtesy of Icarus Films.