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    <h3>Please note that at present the electronic archive contains only the following material:&nbsp;</h3><ul style="margin: 10px 30px;"><li type="disc">Most of the feature content from volume 36 (1998) onwards.</li><li type="disc">Some articles and other items from previous volumes. If interest is expressed, we may be able to convert earlier articles as time and rights permissions allow. Please <a href="">e-mail</a> your suggestions and recommendations to us.</li><li type="disc">Indexes of <em>Perspectives on History </em> issues can be retrieved by using the "Browse by Date" dropdown below.</li></ul>

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    <p><em>Perspectives on History</em> welcomes submissions on all aspects of the practice of history&mdash;from the public square to the private study. Above all, we strive to be a place for historians across the discipline&rsquo;s broad spectrum to find common ground and share their enthusiasm.</p><p>We recommend that potential authors review articles on our&nbsp;<strong><a href="x12547.xml">Past Issues</a></strong> page, our submission guidelines (see below), and our <strong><a href="x12526.xml">copyright policy</a></strong>. Follow the links below to guidelines and instructions on sending your submission.</p>

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