September 2014

Perspectives Cover, Sept. 2014

From the President

Dividing up the World: The AHA Taxonomy Project

By Jan Goldstein

From the Executive Director

Preparation for a Professorial Profession: Reflections on One Aspect of Graduate Education

By James Grossman and Julia Brookins


Architectural History and Modernity at the Venice Biennale 

By Shatha Almutawa 

Teaching Undergraduates: A Conversation in Brooklyn 

By Elaine Carey, Sara Haviland, Eric Platt, Sarah Shurts, and Emily Tai

Historical Narrative in American Counterterrorism Operations 

By Shatha Almutawa

The Academic Job Market's Jagged Line 

By Allen Mikaelian

Inspiring an Interest in History: National History Day 2014 

By Dana Schaffer 

The Digital Public Library of America and the NEH, a Partnership for the People 

By Seth Denbo


The AHA Responds to the Relocation of the National Archives for Black Women's History 

By Debbie Ann Doyle

Advocacy Roundup 

By Lee White

Black Holes in the Predecisional Universe: Agencies Gain a New Justification for Secrecy 

By Nate Jones

AHA Activities

AHA Welcomes New Staff Members

New AHR Book Reviews Editor

2014 NASA and Jameson Fellowships Awarded 

By Elizabeth Elliott

Action Items by the AHA Council

2014 AHA Election Results

Donors to the Association

Digital Dispatches

Mapping the History Twittersphere 

By Vanessa Varin

The National History Center

A Decol Community: Forging Connections among Citizens of the World at the Decolonization Seminar 

By Amanda Moniz

Member News & Affiliated Societies

Letters to the Editor

In Memoriam

David Mark Griffiths

Elbert B. Smith

Richard Wilson Reichard

Philip R. Schmidt

Solomon Wank


Pedaling through Memory 

By Allen Mikaelian



Bustamante-TOCCuban Memory Wars 

By Michael J. Bustamante

Musgrove-TOCRevising Nixon in DC: Nixon Foundation Still Campaigning 

By George Derek Musgrove

Perspectives on Film

Teenage: Documentary Features the Stories behind an Invention

By Marcia Chatelain

Career Paths

The Edges of History

By Clifford Adelman


Embracing the Challenge of the New AP US History Exam

By Brenda Santos

The 129th Annual Meeting

On to New York City for the 2015 Annual Meeting

By Sharon K. Tune 

Tours of New York 

By Debbie Ann Doyle

The 130th Annual Meeting

Call for Proposals for the 130th Annual Meeting of the AHA

"Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors": The Theme of the 130th Annual Meeting 

By Vicki L. Ruiz, María E. Montoya, and Douglas Haynes 

Crafting an Effective Panel Proposal 

By Francesca Trivellato and Andrew Sartori

On The Cover

As we started preparations for the 2015 annual meeting in New York City, we were struck by this painting by Lily Furedi. Image used courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which provided the following information:
"Lily Furedi's Subway was painted as part of the Public Works of Art Project-the first federal government program to support the arts nationally. Artists from across the United States who participated in the program, which lasted only six months, from mid-December 1933 to June 1934, were encouraged to depict 'the American Scene.' The Smithsonian American Art Museum has an unparalleled collection of vibrant artworks created for the program, which are a lasting visual record of America at a specific moment in time. Lily Furedi's Subway was part of the museum's touring exhibition 1934: A New Deal for Artists, organized to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Public Works of Art Project. The painting is currently on view at the museum as part of an installation of artworks from the 1930s titled Experience America."