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  • New Challenges for Library Reading Rooms Added July 31, 2014

    make the Main Reading Room the hub of services that reflect the transdisciplinary nature of research... to date with the needs of modern researchers and increasingly digital research methods. Shaffer... exchange of information," rather than budget considerations. Researchers, on the other hand... , is the flagship of the library's 87 branches and four research centers, and a 300 million dollar... 2013, called for the closing and sale of two branches and a complete demolition of the research stack

  • 2013 Aerospace and Jameson Fellowships Awarded Added July 31, 2014

    The AHA is pleased to announce the recipients of the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History and the Fellowship in Aerospace History. The J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History is sponsored jointly by the Library of Congress and the American Historical Association. It is awarded to support significant scholarly research in the collections of the Library of Congress by scholars at an early stage in their careers in history. The 2013-14 fellowship has been awarded to Kevin Y. Kim, postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. Kim's manuscript project, "Diplomacies of Dissent: Henry Wallace, Herbert Hoover, and Cold War America's Rise in the World," is a... research in all aspects of aerospace history. The 2013-14 fellowship has been awarded to Andrew Jenks, associate professor of history at California State University, Long Beach. Jenks's research... the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project and the Soviet Interkosmos missions through research in the NASA

  • Long and Winding Roads: Scholars' Diverse Paths to Decolonization Added July 31, 2014

    with a research trip in 2005. Her academic interests have led her not only to write about the island

  • The AHA-­NASA Aerospace History Fellowship Added July 31, 2014

    The AHA-­NASA Fellowship totally changed the trajectory of my career," said Margaret Weitekamp, fellowship recipient for 1997–­98. "It introduced me to scholars who are still my colleagues. It immersed me in the field of space history. And it put my research project on a different level, allowing it to be recognized by scholars nationwide." Weitekamp's experience is not unique among past fellowship recipients, several of whom credit the program with helping them gain entry to the growing field of aerospace history. Since 1986, the AHA-­NASA Fellowship in Aerospace History has helped scholars at all stages of their careers by supporting a range of research and writing... great deal more than airplanes and spacecraft. It is about people, American culture, the research that... long-­duration archival research early in their careers. Several other respondents noted that the fellowship's benefits extended beyond research, allowing them to complete manuscript chapters or

  • Material Culture in the Digital Frame Added July 31, 2014

    The use of digital images for research is so ubiquitous in every kind of historical inquiry that it's taken for granted, but it's surprising how little we've interrogated the implications of using these images instead of the actual material objects for our research. Though the idea of the virtual museum goes back nearly as far as our common use of the web, or even to the time of CD-­ROMs, in the last few years the production of digital images of historical objects has exploded. As server space, consumer tools, and institutional missions have rapidly evolved, we've seen a mind-­numbing escalation in the sheer volume and variety of images we can easily obtain. We've been living with access to vast quantities of images for about a decade, and it's been an undeniable benefit for... , tools-­the whole wealth of material culture on which so much first-­hand research has... our research might be changing because of it. This forum was brought together in order to begin to

  • Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran Digital Archive and Website Added July 31, 2014

    The 1970s through the 1990s witnessed an explosion of women's history and the gendering of historical research and writing, but this development had a highly uneven global scope. In Middle Eastern historiography, gendering histories of the nation has produced important works on Egypt, Syria, Iran, Ottoman Empire, and modern Turkey, but these works remain at the margins of the field. Histories of Iran's Qajar dynasty (1796–1925) continue to be produced in the dominant mode of political... an archival style ready for our research, where might we locate alternative memory traces? Where and... possibilities for historical preservation and research beyond its own domain of Qajar women's... owners. It is extremely unlikely that these materials would or could ever be released to research... historical research with ease. For example, we currently have close to 300 marriage contracts, ranging... and analyze these sources across genres. We hope that it will inspire researchers to pursue new ways

  • Stitched Together: Doing History with the Quilt Index Added July 31, 2014

    serves a wide range of research and teaching interests for scholars and educators: from analyses of... support many lines of investigation, and researchers have used the index to pursue a variety of topics.... nursery rhyme quilts, provide research material that can reveal cultural perceptions about and experiences of childhood. Medical historians have researched quilts affiliated with health and wellbeing... prison. The functionality of the QI allows for teaching as well as research opportunities. As host to... provides access to individual objects that can be analyzed or researched further, as well as sets of... a US history survey course, a database research assignment might focus on a specific historical... around the world now allows research on comparative traditions, immigration and migration histories... research projects and private collections. This base is continually growing, with new images being... Richardson is an independent scholar and research associate, Michigan State University Museum and The Quilt

  • The Digitization and Democratization of Oral History Added July 31, 2014

    digital sound and video move researchers away from reliance on the transcript alone. Consumers of... oral history can be daunting, but researchers are developing digital tools to help automate... researchers mining the vast collection of StoryCorps interviews housed at the Library of Congress).

  • Complex Shades of Green Added July 31, 2014

    Environmental history requires a knowledge of the physical and life sciences, social movements, politics, economics, and religion. It is rarely simple, and sometimes raises profound moral questions. Three recent works for popular audiences on environmental topics show how well, and how badly, it can be done. The field grew up along with the environmental movement itself in the 1960s and 1970s. Early works like Alfred Crosby's Columbian Exchange (1972) and Donald Worster's Dust Bowl (1979) ...

  • Architectural History and Spatial Imagination Added July 31, 2014

    Historical events do not occur in a spatial vacuum; they take place in buildings and landscapes, and are in turn shaped by these environments. Understanding of all history, therefore, necessitates engagement with the history of architecture: the study of buildings, cities, and landscapes, from the smallest to the grandest, as the material documents of history. Architectural history has continually expanded its boundaries since its founding in the 19th century as a stakeholder in the archit...