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The AHA and Teaching

The Association has a long tradition of involvement in K-12 teaching through the Committee of Ten (1893), the Committee of Seven (1889), the Committee of the Social Studies (1916), the AHA Commission (1929-34), and the establishment in 1969 of AHA's History Education Project, funded by the U.S. Office of Education and directed by Eugene Asher. The revision of AHA's constitution in 1974 included the establishment of the Teaching Division, the only elected body in the profession specifically charged with developing teaching programs.

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The American Historical Association has a long-standing commitment to teaching and history education at all levels (see the box to the right), and supports in a wide variety of ways. At the annual meeting, the AHA and its affiliates sponsor many sessions on teaching. The AHA also offers a number of prizes and awards, and supports the good work of National History Day. This page gathers together links to a wide range of publications on the AHA web site, and links to other organizations working in the same area.


Teaching American History Grant Program

The AHA provides resources for those interested in applying for a TAH grant.


Publications on Teaching

The AHA publishes regularly on issues of history teaching, both in its newsletter, Perspectives on History, and in several pamphlet series. The Association makes a number of these publication available online for general use.


Prizes and Awards

Check out numerous teaching awards.


The AHA and K-16 Teaching

Current efforts under the direction of the Teaching Division include:


Training Teachers to Teach


Teaching History to Undergraduates


Assessment & Outcome


Preparing Future Historians


Additional Resources for Teachers at all Levels

The AHA has compiled links to additional resources for teacher of all levels.

This site reflects the thinking of current members of the Teaching Division regarding the division's peer review of web links. We offer a limited number of links from the AHA TD web to sites our assistant director and the current TD VP believe address issues of broad importance in history education, based upon guidelines in development by the TD. In addition, we encourage members to consult sites on Teaching and Learning in their history subfields of interest.