Graduate School from Start to Finish


Admissions & Acceptance

Application and Decision Process

Navigating the Graduate Admissions Process by Michael H. Creswell (December 2009)

Course Work

Coursework (PDF), prepared by the Committee for Graduate Students

Master's Degree

Retrieving the Master’s Degree from the Dustbin of History, prepared by Philip M. Katz for the AHA's Committee on Committee on the Master’s Degree in History.

Issues in Graduate Education: Forum on the Master's Degree

Another View of the Master's Degree: Switching Institutions on the Way to a PhD by Philip M. Katz

Preparing for Comprehensive Exams: Oral and Written

Preparation Tips for Comprehensive Exams (PDF), prepared by the Committee for Graduate Students (June 2007)

Funding/Grant Writing

Calendar - Opportunities for Research Grants and Fellowships

AHA Research Grants

Conceptualizing a Dissertation

Searchable database of Doctoral History Dissertations at Canadian and U.S. History Programs

Dissertation Proposal Stages(PDF), prepared by the Committee for Graduate Students (June 2007)

Conducting Research

Survival Guide to Archival Research by Barbara Heck, Elizabeth Preston, and Bill Svec (Perspectives, Dec. 2004)

Taking a Byte Out of the Archives: Making Technology Work for You by Kirklin Bateman, Sheila Brennan, Douglas Mudd, and Paula Petrik (Perspectives, Jan. 2005)

Some Tips and Suggestions for your Research Trip (PDF), by the Committee for Graduate Students

ArchivesWiki, a clearinghouse of information about archival resources throughout the world

Oral History and Review Boards: Little Gain and More Pain by Robert B. Townsend with Carl Ashley, Mériam Belli, Richard E. Bond, and Elizabeth Fairhead

Zotero: Social and Semantic Computing for Historical Scholarship by Daniel J. Cohen

Center for New Media: Research and Tools

Organizing and Writing a Dissertation

From Concept to Completion: A Dissertation-Writing Guide for History Students by the AHA Graduate and Early Career Committee

Practical Advice for Writing Your Dissertation, Book, or Article by Liena Vayzman (Perspectives, Dec. 2006)

Dissertation writing blog: "Ask the Dissertation Diva"

From Notes to Narrative: The Art of Crafting a Dissertation or Monograph

Statement on Electronic Publication of Theses and Dissertations


AHA Annual Meeting


Planning a Graduate Student Conference by Andrew L. Johns and Kenneth A Osgood (Perspectives, March 1999)

Guide to Getting the Most Out of Conferences and Professional Meetings (PDF)

Conference Rules by Linda Kerber

  • Conference Rules, 1: Everything You Need to Know about Presenting a Scholarly Paper in Public
  • Conference Rules, 2: Everything you need to know about introducing speakers and running a panel discussion
  • Conference Rules, 3: Everything you need to know about your role as a commentator or member of the audience


Syllabus Finder from George Mason University's Center for History and New Media

"'We Shall Teach'": Preparing History Graduate Students for the Classroom by Terry Seip

Teaching History at a Community College by Emily Sohmer Tai (Perspectives, Feb. 2004)

Graduate Students' Forum: Into the Classroom! Tips and Tricks to Succeed as a Teacher (Perspectives, Oct. 2004)


Publishing History (Perspectives, May 2002)

Directory of History Journals, links to English-language journals that publish in various fields of history


Advisory Committee on Disability Mentoring Program

Forum on Mentoring