Resources for Part-time, Adjunct, and Temporary Faculty

Over the past few years the Association has grown increasingly concerned that a growing number of historians are being forced into part-time, adjunct, and temporary capacities at colleges and universities, living on small wages and even fewer benefits. This page provides recent data on the use of faculty in these capacities, and additional resources to assist historians seeking employment in the academy.

In January 2000, the Association established a special committee to review the proliferation of part-time and adjunct employment and review their working conditions.

Employment Articles and Information

Underpaid and Underappreciated: A Portrait of Part-time Faculty (September 2012)

Recommendations of the AHA/OAH Joint Committee (September 2003)

Major Problems Result from the Growing Use of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty (March 2003)

1999 AHA Department Survey Shows Increased Hiring of Low-Wage Part-Time Faculty (September 1999)

Who Is Teaching In U.S. College Classrooms? A Coalition on the Academic Workforce Study of Undergraduate Faculty (1999)

Other Perspectives articles on the academic job market and the employment of historians

Job listings

Statements on Part-time and Academic Employment for Historians

Standards for Employment of Part-Time Faculty

Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct

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